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    When do you think someone should be told that you have gymnophobia ?

    Gymnophobia refers to the irrational and excessive fear, or hatred, of nudity. And this, of course, is not a simple issue if someone suffers from it. Talking about India, where fulfillment of marriages means having Kids, having such a phobia can be quite challenging. Fear of Nudity implies that one definitely cannot go through the 'trauma' of getting close, physically, to some person. And if that is traumatic, the question of kids obviously does not arise. Now, when should one person, suffering from gymnophobia, tell the same to the person he/she loves? It is a complex issue and not simply about marriage where it is absolutely important to inform the other person before the marriage is even being solemnized. Take the issue further. What if a person wants to get into a relationship? Talking about it at the beginning only or before even entering into the relationship can be damaging because it might shed a negative light upon that person. And if that person should tell it at a later stage, what if that loved one feel a damage being done?
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    Gymnophobia will have the symptoms like include shortness of breath, irregular heartbeat, sweating, nausea, and vomiting. This fear can be treated using exposure therapy which involves seeing oneself naked under controlled conditions, cognitive-behavioural therapy, or medications.
    If somebody is having this phobia till it is cured he/she should not get into a relationship. If at all entering into the relations the other person should be informed about this phobia before. We should not hide these things with the other person with whom we want to share our life. In fact not only this any other problems are there, they should be shared with the other person and then only we should go ahead. Otherwise, if they come to know through somebody else it may give a negative feeling. They start doubting about other aspects also. So sharing correct information is the best way to avoid problems afterwards.

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    Gymnophobia is a high degree of repulsion from nudity and other related issues and requires to be tackled and corrected by a professional psychiatrist.

    It is not easy and is a time taking procedure to make such personalities to come to a normal situation. The psychiatrist will find out if anything happened with such people during their childhood so that those fears in the subconscious minds may be treated in that particular way.

    Today people do not share or disclose these things with others due to the apprehensions that how society will take those things. It is always better if an advice of a psychiatrist or psychologist is taken so that remedial procedures can be adopted.

    Entering in relationships without transparency in the matter is also a damaging factor and will ruin the relation a person is going to establish.

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    First things first, such issues should be diagnosed by a properly certified expert. I think it will be more likely to be wrongly interpreted as 'Impotency" or 'Lack of sexual drive' and lead to further potentially damaging social and emotional issues.

    The title can be interpreted in two ways, one when to tell someone that they have gymnophobia and second when to tell others that we have gymnophobia.

    These are conditions that would never be discussed even among friends easily. If someone is in a relationship and finds that the other person is suffering from this or someone whom we know confides in us, then we should support them and help them to seek professional help so that they can have a normal adult relationship.

    If we ourselves are suffering from gymnophobia, we would be old enough to realize it and mature enough to seek the help of trained psychiatrists/psychologists. When to tell the other partner would be an individual choice. It would be fair to the other person if we tell them when the relationship takes a serious turn (simple friends becomings couples, people falling in love).

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    Well the technical terms for such lack of sexual drive may be different, but the fact is that, though the male and female are not known to each other and after they get married, they do exchange the feelings of one another and while discussing the issues in closeness, their body and actions also began with confidence. Here the male should not make advances as if he is starving for that moment. His female partner has to be convinced and conveyed the meaning of togetherness and how the world would progress with congenial living atmosphere. So the fear of gymnophobia would vanish forever.
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    Wow a bizarre and unnatural phobia. All am in are naked. Only humans dress themselves to differentiate themselves from animals.
    Fear of nudity is something quite unnatural.
    It shouldn't even exist according to evolution.
    But most phobias birth from traumas.
    Maybe the sufferer might have been a victim of some assault which made him/her hate nudity.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing such an interesting thing.

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    Frankly speaking, I have never thought about this. Although I knew the meaning of Gymnophobia and I also know that I don't suffer from this phobia. Nobody among my near and dear ones suffers from this phobia. so I am not much concerned about this problem.

    So, I am reading with interest the responses from other Members.

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