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    Do you know what is India's medal Tally in Winter Olympics?

    Indias Medal Tally in Winter Olympics is GOLD 0, SILVER 0, Bronze 0 while the Asian Countries like China Gold 0, Silver 3, Bronze 1 and Japan Gold 1, Silver 5, Bronze 3 and as well as South Korea Gold 2, Silver 0, Bronze 1. So Indias Medal Tally in Rio Olympics is 2 and in Winter Olympics is 0.So what your say on this?
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    From the beginning in India sports were never encouraged by the governments. Only hockey was having some importance but slowly it has lost its importance. The games our people lay are not included in the list of games in Olympics. Slowly in our country also some sports getting encouraged. I think our performance may improve in the coming Olympics. Let us be more optimistic. Anyhow our people are doing good in Cricket and tennis. Let us encourage those players so that we will have some honours.
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    It is the known fact that Indian government is not giving credence to other sports except cricket and when ever India sends so many contingents to every such big event of athletics , we draw few or nil medals. It is really a sad thing which the sports authority and the sports minister to ponder over. Cricket has been given the first preference and the board is taking care of keeping the players fit. But as far as athletics players there is no definite organisations which can give good training and assure medals to India. I suggest the Army, Navy and Airforce must plunge in to this and create athletes for the country.
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    Winter Olympics are a difficult platform for us to perform as the events need rigorous training and equipment. I don't think many of us are familiar with the events held in the winter Olympics apart for skiing. To produce winter Olympics winners, we need to have world-class training facilities and funding for coaches and equipment. Shiva Keshavan one of the best representatives of India had to crowdfund his previous Olympic trip. We can plan and hope the get our winter Olympic medal in the near future.

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    The very fact that Winter Olympics is held for sports that are practiced on ice and snow says it all. India has very less area that is suitable for practicing such sports and the expense involved if interested persons are not from those particular areas does not make it a viable proposition for our Country. So, what if we did not win any medal? At least we participated with the limitation of our resources and so, I think, we need not make it a big deal. Summer Olympics is entirely different and we can (must) put in efforts to bring in some medals in that event.
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    Taking Consideration of your argument the Asian Countries like China, South Korea, Japan are not having snow and ice areas. But still, they are able to get medals.Even Olympics(Summer) India got only 2 medals whereas Small countries which are not heard or not known to many people in this world also got more medals than what India secured.

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