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    Do you support the best of five method implemented by MP board of Education?

    Do you support the best of five method implemented by MP board of Education?
    I belong to Madhya Pradesh. From this session, MPBSE has decided to implement the best of five method to prepare exam result of board examination of high school. According to this method, the final result will be declared by best of five subjects. If a student fails in one subject then the marks of that subject will not be included in the final result and he will be declared passed as the best of five method.
    My question is whether you support this method or not? There are some benefits of this but for a longterm result, it may adversely affect our education system. Members, please discuss your opinion in this thread.
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    I feel it is not good for the students. If it is not required to secure minimum maks there is no meaning in introducing that subject. It is better to prescribe a minimum mark. That mark need not be added to the total to decide the class. That will be a better option than completely ignoring the pass or fail concept in that subject.
    Already the Indian education standards are coming down and people are not able to get jobs after completing their studies due to lack of proper subject knowledge. These actions will further bring down the standards of the students. The very purpose of the studies is not getting served. So personally I am completely against to these types of actions which will bring down the standards of the education. As far as I am concerned I always say maintain the standards of the education for a better future of the students and international recognition to our Indian students.

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    What I feel that there should not be short cut to passing for higher education and each student must undergo the exam with full preparations and only if the candidate gets good marks in all subjects should be declared passed otherwise made to write arrears. By choosing the best of five, the government is giving lenience to the student who are dull in subject or the other , not giving scope for learning and expansion and thus the candidate would forget the subject altogether. So I am totally against the best of five proposal of the MP government which cause harm to the student career and wont help.
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    I'm not sure of the logic behind this new system. Is the subject in question a third/optional language subject or a core subject (PCMB)?
    This can be done in the half-yearly exams or midterm but not in the final exams. There are the minimum set marks to be scored, and this should be uniform across all state boards.
    If a student repeatedly fails in maths but gets promoted and finally ends up in a bank, he would be at a disadvantage and his performance may get affected. Similarly, when it comes to promotions to the higher standard, a student who fails in a core subject will need to take the exams once more or sit in the same year if he is in India but outside MP. But if he is in MP, he gets promoted, this would be a gross inequality.
    If each state starts modifying rules like this then the standard of education goes down and the student pays the price later on.

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