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    Five crore jobs in the coming year.

    Is it believable? Central Minister of State for MSME Mr Giriraj Singh made this statement. Today, he was addressing a gathering in a conference held at Delhi conducted by State SC St Hub. In his address, he has mentioned that next year there will be 5 crore jobs for Indian Youth. A very good news for the youth of India and job seekers. He said that jobs mean not only government, there are many private jobs also. There are chances for creating more jobs through the loans from the MUDRA bank which will give loans to youth to start their own enterprise which will give an income and at the same time he can offer jobs to some more youth. It is good to hear such optimistic statement.
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    I have noticed that many politicians make this mistake. I think that the politicians willingly or unwillingly get confused between job and man-days. Very recently West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee also mentioned about the creation of 100 crores job in the state or something. These politicians, irrespective of their party affiliation, require appropriate education.
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    If the information holds good, surely it is the great news for the Indian Youth who are more qualified and yet on the look out for good and right jobs. Even 5 crores new job would be insufficient , given the demand for new jobs. Nevertheless the qualified people coming out of various Engineering colleges would also add to the figures of already job searching peoples. So there would be stiff competition. At least now the new jobs must be purely on merit base and not caste based. If that is ensured most of the unemployed youths would be blessed with right jobs and that will be great boon.
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    100 crore jobs in West Bengal? Surprising, considering that the population of West Bengal is about 9 crores. Probably she may be planning on providing employment to all in the country.
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    The minister mentioned in the tread is a minister who wants to be in news by passing some controversial statements. There is no face value to his statement. The minister was talking about the government face saving scheme on the issue of unemployment that is MUDRA scheme The FM has announced that the budget has allocated Rs. 3 lakh crore for MUDRA scheme. This was launched in 2015 and the scheme was aimed at "funding the unfunded" which empowers entrepreneurs through financial assistance. Self employment does in the long run leads to employment for others also but it is a long process and takes place only after stabilisation of the business. How any body will start earning or employing others since there is a gestation period and success rate for every business. The reports are showing that the scheme fails to reach targeted section owing to the banking hurdles and corruption in the disbursing agencies. These loans will turn out to be liabilities of the already burdened banking system.
    We will hear such optimistic statements without any face value in this election year.

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    It's a good news for all job seekers. Now every right person will be at right place if really job opportunities in the coming year.

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    Nice to hear such statements but how of it will be transformed into reality is the big questions. Some time back we had promises of 110 million jobs in 10 years but it did not happen. Now we have officials promising 5 crore jobs. It won't be a surprise if the official forgets this in a few days time. Such statements should be backed by figures and data so that the public would believe. Where are the jobs going to be, how any in each sector, who are the potential candidates who can benefit, the implementation plan and the logistics of generating the funds to pay salaries to these new jobs. Once such schemes are announced, its progress has to be monitored as to whether the scheme is being implemented as planned or not. Such statements without substance would just anger the youth further and lower their dependability on the Government to give them decent jobs.

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    The Pradhan Mantri MUDRA Yojana, which provides access to institutional finance to small business units, has helped in creating 5.5 crore jobs with industrialised states being major beneficiaries, a report said is optimistic in its approach. Adding, MUDRA loan is also available for non-agricultural activities for up to Rs 10 lakh. Activities allied to agriculture, such as dairy, poultry, bee-keeping etc, are also covered.

    We need to go for the all round performance as we continue to act according to the below points also,
    'You have to constantly adapt to the needs of the industry to stay relevant.'
    'The jobs will be the same, but the skill sets required will be different.'
    'Technology will dominate the nature of jobs available in the future.'

    Considering above points, adding the goverment approach in order for the entrepreneur as well as by making a plateform in order for the other countries make ready to invest in India, can provide a startup to achieve this task. Not exactly to that number but having said that if we even able to come across to nearby number then is also good.

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    Generally speaking, when the people of India talk about jobs, then they mean an opportunity to get employment in a Government organization where there is scope for getting some hidden perks also (in addition to usual fat salary) without doing any work.
    Such people are never interested in self-employment opportunities where earnings is proportionate to the efforts and hard work put in by them.
    The funds etc. allocated by the Government is likely to be misused and swindled by the people concerned.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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