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    How do you rate Mr. Jaitley as a FM in comparision to Mr.Chidambaram, Mr.Manmohan and Mr.Yashwanth?

    Mr.Arun Jaitley even though he lost 2014 Parliament election he was made Finance Minister by Mr.Modi because he wished him to be in his cabinet. Actually Mr.Jaitley is very lucky enough because the Crude oil price is very low in his regime which is not passed on to the customers and that is saving crores of rupees in controlling fiscal deficit. The government is projecting a growth rate of 7% because of change of the base year 2011-12 in calculation but as per the previous base year 2004-2005 it will be around 5%-5.5%. In comparison to this, Mr.Chidambaram's regime has seen high crude oil prices and global financial crisis but he fared a high growth rate of 7%. Many of the middle class people got disappointed with the past budgets presented by Mr.Jaitley in his regime. In this budget he gave more concessions to corporate business people who pay less tax income to government while salaried middle class people who pay maximum tax to the government were burdened with more tax. Members, what is your analysis and view about the issue.
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    When compared to the past Finance Ministers I give credit and rate Jaitely as the best as he is working post demonetisation, GST and clubbing of Railway budget with general budget. We all know that after note ban, the inflow of cash into the bank was temporary and likewise the change in GST rates was a slow starter and thus two to three months the Finance Minister was on the run to stream line the economy of the country. Such kind of challenges never faced by former Finance Ministers and thus for me Jaitely is the great FM we have amid draw back and slow of economy which is temporary set back.
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    All finance Ministers work with the directions of the prime minister. No prime minister will give free hand to the finance minister. So the performance of the finance minister will depend on the way in which the PM says. Manmohan worked under PVNR and globalisation has taken place. Now Arun Jaitley is under Modi. Demonetization, GST and integration of Railway Budget with the regular budget are the changes made under his regime. Each one of Finance Ministers is having his own good and bads. So we can't say one is better and the other is not. I feel The present FM is having an edge on others.
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    If we look at the education as well as the certification & adding with the exposure that one has got in his specialized field then no one can compare with Mr.Manmohan. But see what he was upto & what kindof image that he has made of himself. I found him nowhere to Mr. Arun Jaitley. I never found so clear in his approach & understanding like him. Adding, Arun Jaitley is an Indian politician and Advocate, who is the current Finance Minister and Minister of Corporate Affairs under Prime Minister Narendra Modi who has also headed the Defence Ministry once.

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    Frankly, I didn't understand the purpose of this thread! What and how author wants to make comparison between all these minister is not clear. He calls Mr. Jaitley as lucky because crude oil price is low and during Chidambara time it was high. I mean are we going to make compression with this fact or the way they done their work? In the Entire thread no where is mention about Mr. Manmohan Singh or Yashwant Singh style of work. So, how could be make a difference? It should have been better if it would have been talked about all four FM of India and their style of working and then make a comparison.

    Let me make a comparison without taking anyone side. Indeed Manmohan Singh is the best among them. We have seen how India has progressed during his time. Every changes we can see it after 1991. However, he was such a gentleman who got a wrong post of PM, had he been the FM, I am sure we would have been progressed well. The rest all three comes after him. Other all have worked according to their Ideology of their political party. Again, If I have to put anyone after Mr. Manmohan Sing, I would put the name of Yashwant Singh. I feel he has done his work really well.

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    This article is nothing but a propaganda against the present Central Government regime. The author has tried to establish that the present Finance Minister is the worst. Even today, I have read that Mr. Chidambaram had a link with the scams which are coming out. The author has partly mentioned Mr. Yashwant Sinha's name but has not said anything about his tenure as Finance Minister during the rule of NDA under Mr. Vajpai.

    The attempt of the author to show the tenure of Mr. Jaitley in poor light is laughable.

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    Arun Jaitley, as a person and politician is really good and efficient. He has good knowledge and is a good parliamentarian. From what is reported on him till now, I have good opinion on his integrity also.

    However he follows the BJP economics, which is not much different from the Congress economics. It has actually a slightly stronger bias for the business and corporates. BJP is not a socialist principled party. As Finance Minister in a BJP led government, we cannot expect anything different from what he is doing now.

    I feel that he should desist from blaming the previous government for everything, but move on with concrete efforts to develop the country. Two things which were highly tom-tomed by BJP, and expected to bring great impacts and development- Make in India and GST- became almost damp squibb. What they do now is simply continuing with more vigour and completing what the earlier UPA government was doing.

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    Without commenting about the political parties, if compares the health of the economy and what each finance minister has done, Most would agree that Mr. Manmohan Singh was the best of the lot. India's economic growth was not great, our debt was high and our reserves were low. He was for foreign investment, liberalized trade an focused on increasing corporate tax, rather than burdening the poor. I'm not sure whether the other FMs had such a pressure with the poor health of the Indian economy during their tenure.

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