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    Why are people being deprived due to political difference?

    In the budget proposal tabled on 1st February, 2018, the Government of India has brought a health scheme covering 50 crores of people from 10 crores economically weaker families of the country. For this purpose, the Central Government would provide 60% of the fund and the states would provide 40% of the fund (Health is a subject included in the Concurrent List as per the Constitution of India).

    Ms. Mamata Banerjee, the Chief Minister of West Bengal, earlier declined to participate in the proposed scheme stating that the existing health scheme of the state is better than the proposed scheme. Now, the Karnataka Chief Minister, Mr. Siddaramaiah has also opted out from the scheme. I feel that they are opting out of the proposed scheme due to the political difference with the ruling party in the centre.

    Now my question is: Is it proper to deprive common people of an advanced, all-encompassing health care system due to the political difference?
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    Unfortunately in India , the regional politics is playing high on every decision of the central government, and the states which are ruled by opposition parties are under the compulsion to shun the National policy and go for their own state policy. But the state Chief Ministers are not taking into account the aspirations and expectations of the health needs of patients. The state governments must keep aside their difference on some issues and should cooperate with the centre , otherwise there would be revolt from the people of respective states which may prove costly for the ruling parties.
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    While I agree that the public should not be deprived of welfare schemes due to political differences, I think it would be worth making a note of the fact that the state governments that are ruled by opposition parties might have taken an indifferent stand on realizing that the proposed National Healthcare Protection scheme was just a political gimmick by the center keeping in mind the upcoming elections since the scheme was just a repackaged promise and a takeoff from the one that was announced in the earlier budget. The coverage has been increased from one lakh to five lakhs now but how is it going to be implemented when the earlier one which promised one lakh is itself yet to take off has not yet been outlined. So, Mamta and Siddaramaiah might have felt that they need not allow the center to take a political mileage from such announcements.
    It is a game of politics either way; be it be by the center or the states and 'we' the people can just discuss such issues either rationally or politically.

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    The West Bengal Government has its own health care scheme. Now, this Government of India scheme requires that the State Government contribute 40% of the scheme cost. She did not want it because it will be a burden to the State Government and waste of money as they are having their own scheme. Many State Governments are having their own health care schemes running. In Andhra Pradesh, we have Arogyasree programme launched by late Y.S.Rajasekhara Reddy more than ten years back. It is running successfully benefitting the below poverty line people.
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    The National Health Scheme is not more than a political announcement. The scheme seems to be impossible in the meagre allocation declared in the budget. A similar scheme announced in the last budget also but it has not took off till the date. This government has no funds to execute such type of mega schemes. Other states like Andra Pradesh, Karnataka , West Bengal have schemes on the same line and these states are executing these successfully.

    The methodology of the scheme declared in the budget is to be worked out and the central government can not implement this scheme without the financial support of the states. This is likely to take off in October this year. I think Mamata Banerjee was very early to response. She could have done this when there would have been any development in this direction. But, this is a political compulsion. Now the question of encompassing health services will arise when the central government will announce the take off of the scheme and how the states ruled by the same party response to this scheme.

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    The new scheme has only been proposed. The voting on the budget proposal is not yet complete. The 'libus'' have already declared that the proposed healthcare scheme is only a political announcement. And they want objective, rational debate.
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    It is much complicated than what the title implies. Apart from politics, the key issue here is the financial burden and to whom the primary credit goes to.

    Last year, Karnataka had created a big stir in trying to pass the KPME act and has been planning about health care at cost-effective prices. I have questioned the validity of the ambitious world's largest health plan which needs tremendous co-operation and fundings for the various schemes.

    The center would not have enough funds and would want the states to contribute to it. Why would any state government part with funds and also give the credit for the national plan to the government at the center? This would become more obvious if the governments at state and center are different and have mutual animosity.

    If the center announces that it will look after the entire fundings, then maybe the states will agree to the credit to go the opposite party (BJP). It would boil down to the financial logistics whether the two states can successfully deliver their own plans and find the funds or will have to turn back to the center for help a year later.

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    It is a fact that common people are the sufferers if there is a political difference between the leaders whether it is state level politicians or central level.

    There are very few leaders who care for the common masses and the country as the most of them are only concerned for their selfish motives or political ambitions.

    This is the prime reason why many schemes do not success or reach the public for which they are devised.

    Unfortunately there are some politicians who oppose the schemes without understanding or going through it's technical aspects and usefulness for the common masses. What can be more unfortunate than this? They are opposing it just because it is being introduced by the opposite camp.

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    Everybody should accept that the public should not be deprived of welfare schemes due to political differences, The government in the centre belongs to a different party and the state governments in some of the states belongs to another party. In between their fight, the common man should not become a victim. There are many state governments which are already implementing medical schemes. In the expenditure now central governemnt will give some amount as their contribution. So it is good for the State governments. But they don't want to accept that as the credit may go to the party in the centre. The party in the centre may also want to get some credit and they may be trying to improve their standing. Here everyone is having their own political advantage in their minds Anyhow the scheme I don't whether it will get the approval of parliament or not is to be seen.,
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    I know very well the condition of the state healthcare system in West Bengal. The state is not in a position to refuse the proposed central scheme. But dirty politics is playing the game.

    In Karnataka also, the state healthcare system is not in a very good shape outside Bengaluru.

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    In the budget Mr.Jaitley proposed 1.5 lakhs health centers bring health care system closer to the homes of people. These health centers provide comprehensive health care, including for noncommunicable diseases and maternal and child health services. These Health centres will also provide free essential drugs and diagnostic services. In the budget 1200 Crores were allotted for 1.5 lakhs Health Centers. During budget session I have followed a Budget Analysis program on TV, an eminent Economic Expert Professor K. Nageshwar told that with the proposed budget sanction of 1200 crores for 1.5 lakhs Health Centers, each center will get Rs.80,000. The Health Center cannot even bear the salary of a Sweeper per one year with this amount. He called it as an Election Jumla of the proposed Health schemes in the budget!!

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    Neither single party, nor the state/central government can take this forward alone. I think the following can help this.
    it needs excellent state vs center co-ordination
    transparency would be mandatory
    moving to generic medicines
    stringent regulations for cuts and bribes for any health-related payment to the providers
    eliminate middlemen and touts who keep the beurcracry alive.
    judicious use of investigations and technology
    aggressive negotiations with corporate hospitals and private medical colleges to take on more general patients.
    Re-vamp the existing schemes riddled with corruption.
    Private insurance providers to contribute to the national health policy as part of their corporate social responsibility.
    citizens of India to use and not misuse the benefits planned and given.

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