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    An island exclusively for women

    Every day we learn many new things. Such information astonishes us. I want to share one such interesting information which I have learnt only today. In Finland, there is a private island which is exclusively reserved for women. The holistic, luxurious, all-women retreat is the brain-child of Ms. Kristina Roth. Her vision is to bring all dare-davil, new-age women together in this private island. In this private island, select women are invited to rejuvenate themselves with yoga, meditation and fresh farm-to-table food.

    The name of the island is 'SuperShe Island'. A five-day stay on the 'SuperShe Island' in a shared cabin in one of the four available cabins (with a capacity of ten boarders per cabin) is expected to cost between $3,000 - $6,000.

    But ladies! Please remember that in order to visit the island you are required to be interviewed via Skype and need approval.
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    Well the concept of super she island seems to be interesting and new experience for every women, what is the use of life for women without the presence of men. The stay in the Island may be inducing for the women to have a try, but surely Indian women habituated to live with their better half cannot accept such arrangement. But what I want to know further details that how the things are detailed there without the help of the man and how the women would cope up the security part for them and in the event of anything untoward happen, what are the steps the organisers have envisaged ?
    K Mohan
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    During 1970s, there was a movie in which there was a kingdom exclusively for ladies. No gents are allowed in the kingdom. The queen is ruling the land. Somehow NTR entered that land as a yogi. He started teaching all Puranas to the ladies there. Meanwhile the queen slowly gets attracted towards that yogi and slowly they became lovers. So the specific kingdom of ladies slowly changes.
    When I read your thread I remembered that movie. It is good that there is a specific Island only for ladies and only selected ladies will be allowed to visit that place. I am not able to understand whether some ladies will permanently stay there or only tourists will be there.I don't understand this from the above thread.
    These days ladies are also capable of doing all jobs and they can learn self defence activities. The ladies are more safe there as there are no gents there to create problems there.

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    Very interesting information. This must be the idea of some intelligent businessman to attract ladies to this place where the ladies can have their full freedom without bothering of stalkers and eve teasers.
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    Mr. Umesh: As I have already mentioned, the all-women island is the brain-child of Ms. Kristina Roth, a wealthy business-woman.
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    Glad to hear about a new entrepreneur concept of gender-specific resorts or holiday destinations. We have had family-oriented holiday packages, kids oriented theme parks, senior citizen-oriented pilgrim tours, why not a women's only holiday place.
    This would attract the female high flying CEOs, business and banking executives, rich and elite women and even global political leaders who can have a nice break. 'Supershe island sounds mightly close like the place in the successful Wonderwoman movie, last year, wherein the queen and princess belonging to the warrior women of Amazon live in a hidden island, 'Themyscira. On this fictional island (also known as Paradise island), no man is allowed to set foot on it.

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    I fully agree with Mr Mohan's response that 'what is the purpose of women's life without the presence of men. At the same time, what is the purpose of the men's life without the presence of women? So, gender specific business models never work. It will fail definitely
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    #626804@Neeraj. This would work well because it is just a few days in isolation, there are many adults who lead a single life or come off a marriage or a relationship. Such people would prefer solitude with security away from the privy eyes. For such people (women in this case), this would be an ideal short break from the stress of life. If we look away from the mindset of a couple or a family then this concept would appeal.

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    Presently, the SuperShe Island is under construction and is likely to be opened sometime in 2018. It is a wooded island, less than 90 minutes away from Helsinki, the capital of Finland. The idea is the brainchild of Kristina Roth, an American entrepreneur and founder of lifestyle and networking blog SuperShe. She is open to the possibility of gentleman SuperShe visitors in the future.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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