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    Never let anxiety fool you.

    Anxiety is a natural trait but it can at times stop your move forward. Have you ever felt dragged back by anxiety? It is just a passing phase and one can overcome it. Share your experiences and thoughts about this trait and also your ideas to overcome the feeling.

    Anxiety is a trait that limits human capabilities. A person may get anxious due to various things. Many times it happens that, when we are about to do something, our heart begins to pound very fast and we get nervous. One may get anxious by the thought of public speaking, social interactions, trying something new etc. A person may get overwhelmed just by thinking about something. It often happens that people over think about the simplest of things which then makes them anxious; this anxiety gets the person worried and he/she starts to contemplate all the bad things about his/her life and soon enough, he/she is in a pit of negativity where he/she starts seeing his/her life as a disaster.
    One should understand that it is normal to get anxious at times. It is just a feeling and like other feelings it will also pass. One should not get discouraged by it. Never let anxiety fool you into thinking that you are not good enough for something or you can't achieve anything big in your life. Never let anxiety fool you into thinking that your life is a disaster. Everyone gets anxious by different things. Whenever you get anxious just take few deep breaths and tell yourself that this little amount of anxiety can't determine my future. Try to stop it as soon as you start feeling it. Don't let it drag you into the pit of negativity and never let it fool you.
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    In most of us anxiety gives rise to negative thoughts for the work yet to be attempted and accomplished. I just cannot understand as to why some people always think of negative happening in their lives and have a benefit of doubt on their every attempt . By casting doubt aspect, they are not only letting them to be fooled by others and they also influences those positive thinking persons to react strangely in tandem with them. When we do the things in right manner, there cannot be any iota of doubt about the winning situation and thus by casting doubt on every aspect we are also preventing others to take right decisions.
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    It is a reality that anxiety is a trait for human beings which makes their brains stop working. It is very common that many of the people will get tensed and anxious in cases of difficulties. But if the person can suppress his anxiety and starts thinking about the point a logical solution will come. In addition to that, the person will get his health spoiled. So we all should try to stop getting anxious at any time. In human life ups and downs are always common. If ECG is a straight line, the man is dead. So there should be ups and downs. We have to act according to the situation and take a proper decision. The people will underestimate his capabilities if he is anxious. So we should make our mind strong and focus on the problem. When somebody is getting anxious he should try to divert his mind from the problem to some other issue so that he will not get tensed further and once your anxiety is coming down you can focus on the work and a solution will strike the mind.
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    It is more easier to tell people what to do than follow that same advice oneself. People, of course, can help themselves when they feel anxious but the society has a more important part to play in this matter. In India, and in the world, a considerable amount of people suffer from Social Anxiety Disorder, or which is commonly referred to as Social Phobia. One cannot just deal with this problem entirely by oneself. So, what is more important than telling others not to feel anxious unreasonably is to try not to make them anxious even more. Society plays a much important role when people let anxiety fool themselves.

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    A little dose of anxiety goes a long way than a big dose of over-confidence.
    When we are faced with problems or tasks in life that are unsual or above the run of mill daily issues, then we need to feel a little anxious as to what? how? If? When will we handle/manage or overcome these issues.

    This initial thoughts trigger our thinking, assessment, preparation, options and help needed to tackle this. On the other hand if one were to be over-confident and reassures himself that anything can he handled, he is likely to face issues or failures due to underestimating the problem in hand.

    I feel one should have an healthy dose of anxiety about exams, interviews, finance or savings to the extent that it has a positive outcome. Over a period of time we would find the balance when to stop being anxious so that it does not rob us of our performance.

    Anxiety is one example wherein, even an adverse factor can be used to our advantage once we know how to handle it.

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    We are facing many situations in our life which induce anxiety. In these situations, to reduce anxiety we are taking comfort in preparatory activities, inducing a feeling of being back in control the situation. Many indulge in rituals based upon our religious settings. Sometimes it seems to be less logic. But ritual performed before a high power task do in fact reduce the anxiety and increase people's confidence. Rituals appear to benefit even people who claim not to believe that rituals work. While anthropologists worldwide have documented rituals across the cultures, this earlier research has been primarily observational. Recently, a series of investigations by psychologists have revealed intriguing new results demonstrating that rituals can have a casual impact on people's thoughts, feelings and behaviors. These findings are in consistent with research in sports psychology. Singing national anthem before a sports event will reduce anxiety and can boost performance of the players.
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