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    Still confused about payments

    I know the payment method is explained in a separate thread. But I am still unable to understand whether I am eligible for payments or not. If I am, I can't find the page where I can upload the invoice.

    If anyone of you can help me, please share the link (clickable) where I can upload my invoice. I have crossed the minimum threshold of payments but I can't find how to claim. Maybe I am not eligible yet, if that is the case, can any editor/webmaster please let me know when will I be eligible for total cash payments.
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    I think you have not received your payment because your minimum payment amount must be set high. You can check your minimum payment amount in your dashboard.
    Go to dashboard and click on manage payment and revenue settings. Scroll down and set the minimum payment amount and save the settings.
    When the cash reflects the amount you set, an invoice will be generated with invoice number every month after which you can upload invoice and payment will be made to your account.

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    My minimum payment is 1000 and I have crossed it. Still no invoice. Maybe there are some rules for that too which am I have not met yet. Curious to know what are those.
    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

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    For Payment to be made by ISC you have to cross minimum payment amount by 3o th of last month and it will be announced by Timmy Sir usually on 1st of every month. This announcement and the list of eligible candidates to get the payment can be found in the form of a list from the given link by Timmy Sir.

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    You need to wait till payment is announced. You cannot upload your invoice right now. You can only send an invoice if your name is announced. On 1st of March it will be announced and your name will be shown in that list. You can even check it on your dashboard in my rewards and credits section. That is how the procedure is.

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    Now that's what I needed, I need to wait for the announcement. I didn't know that till now. Thank you, for helping me. While I am in no hurry to upload the invoice, I just tried yesterday but I couldn't find appropriate pages for that. So got confused on how it works.
    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

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    Payment is announced on the 1st day of every month. If you have crossed the minimum amount eligible for payment, your name will be announced in the next month and the link will be given, Then fill up the blank invoice and upload the same.
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