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    India Falls 10 Steps on Democracy Index

    According to the report of Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) on annual Global Democracy Index 2017, India has fallen to 42nd place from 32nd place last year. The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) is a British business within the Economist Group providing forecasting and advisory services through research and analysis. Democracy Index of the Economist Intelligence Unit is based on five categories i) electoral process and pluralism, ii) civil liberties, iii) the functioning of government, iv) political participation and v) political culture. The countries are classified in four types of regimes i) full democracy, ii) flawed democracy, iii) hybrid regime and iv) authoritarian regime based on their scores in these categories. India has been continued to be classified in the flawed democracy.
    The report mentioned that the strengthening of right-wing Hindu forces in an otherwise secular country led to a rise of vigilantism and violence against minority communities, particularly Muslims, as well as other dissenting voices. India has also become a more dangerous place for journalists, especially the central state of Chhattisgarh and the northern state of Jammu and Kashmir. The authorities there have restricted freedom of the press, closed down several newspapers and heavily controlled mobile internet services.
    In past few years, especially after the BJP government came to power, majoritarianism is on rise. This is ruining the image of India internationally. Please opine.
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    1. 'The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) is a British business within the Economist Group providing forecasting and advisory services through research and analysis. '- I did not hear about this economic intelligence unit of a British business group. Why should we, as Indians, believe such private business group?
    2. What is their procedure for data collection? Did the unit collect the data from the top-level 'libus' of India? If that is so, then the collected sample/data is not reliable.
    3. If India has fallen ten places in the index, then I would like to know about Pakistan and Bangladesh in the index. Have these two countries move upwards by ten places? Just like to know. And what about the USA?

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    I doubt the reliability of the report. As an individual I have never seen any increase in our country friendly ness towards Hinduism. I feel we need not take this report seriously. I never heard anything about problems to journalists anywhere in India.
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    The EIU report quotes that it has seen the biggest overall decline in global democracy in years. With freedom of expression being the main focus, no single region showed an improvement. Based on 60 indicators from 5 major groups India is labeled as a flawed democracy.

    The EIU report is a weighted average score based on answers. These answers are given by experts who assess the particular variable but little is known about the experts and their conflict of interests. It does not take into account the economic living standards.

    What worries me is that the assessment by experts and sometimes replies filled in by data collated from public opinion. These are the avenues open to bias and influence. Does this EIU have the validation or 'accreditation' of the UN?

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    The EIU reported that Indian economy remains the fastest growing economy beating China, we believed it. We trusted its creditworthiness. We never had any doubts about the samples it collected to come to the conclusion. Once it reports something about the country slipping by 10 places in Democracy Index, we get all sorts of doubts.
    The facts are to be analysed and if there are any shortcomings, they have to be addressed. We should try to prove them wrong by improving or pointing out factual errors in the report. It is a wise thing to do instead of calling it a rubbish. This trend is shown by the Government also. We have to take criticism with an open heart in the same sense as accolades.
    The recent happenings in the case of the movie "Padmavat" clearly prove the opportunistic attitude of the political parties in our country. We ourselves say that a wise man benefits from the experience of others whereas a foolish person learns by his own experience. It is better to analyse and take corrective measures if necessary.

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    I'm not disagreeing with the report but we should not fully believe it. According to it democracy has taken a beating around the world. In the same report on Asia, Indonesia ( a predominantly Muslim country) has slipped from 48th to 68th place.
    I think, apart from few pockets of religion based clashes, political killings and the Kashmir issue, the rest of the country is not as bad as the report quotes. Yes we, need to change these issues that are kept alive for political gains.

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    I am having my own doubts on the outcome of the EIU which was not that popular to have a mention even in print or electronic media. If India fared so bad , then why it was not reported by any media nor the political parties made hue and cry ?
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    I understand, US, Japan, India etc are coming under flawed democracy category by this report. China and Russia are coming under authoritarian regime. Only western European nations improved their positions as full democracy. The report says India failed to manage to perform well in political culture, functioning of Government, political participation and civil liberties.
    Democracy means 'rule of the people', 'rule of the masses' majority will rule.Mejority choose laws. If majority proclaim laws which you found amusing you feel hurt. The only thing you can do in a democracy is hope that majority will agree with you. The performance in the above parameters depends upon how educated the people are.
    Let us hope present government will be able to improve the quality of life of the people keeping moral values high.

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