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    Many posts and forum responses on Blogger and Adsense

    I have seen some forum threads regarding Adsense integration with the blogger blog to increase revenue. Some members also asked for help/guide regarding the same. Instead of asking or responding to other threads, which is on a different topic, I am creating this thread to help the bloggers who are looking for Adsense integration, visitors, tips, and suggestions. I will try my best to help if anyone of you have a query regarding this prospect. Other members will also help with this regard.

    I recommend members who are blogging and have a query, respond to this thread. I and other ISC members who have knowledge in this will help you at our best.

    Note to Editors: This thread is for discussion purpose only and not an AE type of thread.
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    Nice to hear that! In fact I am very new to blogging , but I love to write and in future I want to be a full time blogger. I have few questions in mind
    How to generate traffic for a blog.
    People read blogs but are not interested in clicking to ads
    I get about 40 - 50 visitors only when I publish it. After some time no traffic.
    How to increase adsense revenue
    What is microblogging and how does it help in earning money.
    I blog at blogger. Can I also be on WordPress.

    Mostly I write food recipes and vocabulary related articles.
    Hope my queries interest other bloggers too.

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    Greetings Maam. I have seen your query too on another thread seeking for help. Ok let me explain pointwise according to your questions:

    1. To generate traffic, Your blog must be search engine optimized (SEO). There are many ways to generate traffic which are either free or paid. Free traffic means organic traffic and it will take a lot of time and effort to generate traffic. Organic traffic has high page value. This concept is very huge and I would like to suggest to visit the link below in which I have mentioned few points regarding SEO in AE section

    2. Clicking Adsense ads is not the only way to generate revenue. You can also get revenue through page impressions. It is calculated based on the amount of money you made per 1000 visitors, also called RPM. RPM is again based on CPC (cost per click) and CTC (click through rate). USA and UK have high CPC value. S if a visitor from the USA clicks an ad you will get more than a visitor from India clicking the same ad. On average if you get 150,000 visitors per month, you can make nearly 100 USD per day (this is not the exact amount, you can get less than 100. It depends on the geographical location of the visitor as well). So you must concentrate on getting more traffic towards your site. Good SEO means more traffic.

    3. To get more visitors, you need to share your new posts on social media, text the links in as many possible ways as you can. Get a good theme for your blog. Use keywords. Add a good title and introduction. Generating traffic needs time but if you follow proper SEO, you will definitely succeed.

    4. Adsense revenue can be increased by increasing visitors. Also, select good ad units. Generally 260 X 300 ad units perform well. Post ad code in between the posts. Insert the code after one or two paragraphs of your posts.

    5. Microblogging is mostly done by experts and professionals. They select a single topic in which they have the expertise and publish 20 - 30 articles regarding that subject. This is done on a dedicated hosting platform and not on a free blog. Once they finish that particular topic, they register another site which has a different topic. So many sites with a single topic (with plenty of posts) will drive massive traffic (if proper SEO is followed) and they earn well with Adsense.

    6. You can, of course, write on WordPress too. But remember there are two versions of WordPress - and require website hosting plan for your site to actually run whereas is similar to blogger. It depends on personal choice, you can opt either of them (blogger or if you are looking exclusively for a free blog.

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

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    Very informative and in a simple language. Surely I will follow the tips and knowledge shared. Thanks and hope my other friends too find it useful.

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    I just thought of giving a try to blogging and I starting blogging very recently. I have no idea how to proceed further.

    I have a personal blog where I share my thoughts and stories. And I have created a new blog about parenting just a few days back. Any suggestions on both of these blogs? I have very few to no traffic at all.

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    You need to add keywords/labels to your articles. You can find it on the right side when you start writing a new article. You can edit the existing posts and add suitable keywords. Keywords are essential in driving traffic to your website. For keywords, you need to do a research. Identify the keywords which are searched most on the internet (related to your post). You can use Google Adwords Tool for keyword analysis

    You should identify keywords that are searched more and has less competition. You can also use for analyzing keywords.

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

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    Members may please note that you are not supposed to provide links to your blogs or websites. The author is also requested to provide links to authorised sites only and that also, only if absolutely necessary.
    'He who does not understand your silence will probably not understand your words.'- Elbert Hubbard.

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    @saji sir

    Duly noted! Thank you for the suggestion.

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

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    @ Dr shashikanth, thank you for your help and tips.

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