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    Same police, same criminals, refreshingly different news

    The crackdown started on 20th March, 2017. The result so far is as under:-

    (a) 1240 shoot-outs
    (b) 40 criminals shot
    (c) 2956 criminals arrested
    (d) 142 criminals surrendered
    (e) Rs. 147 crore worth property seized
    (f) 26 criminals still remain in jails even after getting bail
    (g) 70 criminals get bail scrapped and returned to jail

    The state is Uttar Pradesh. The police-force is same (the same force which was earlier frequently insulted by the politicians and which used to search for buffaloes of a politician instead of criminals). The criminals are same, who were protected by the parties in power and insult the police. The news which is coming from the state is refreshengly different.

    Only the 'bleeding hearts' are crying. But who bothers? Law & order for common men is more important than the human rights of criminals.
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    Looks like a good report card for the UP Police. the only problem is
    1. Do the means justify the ends
    2. Will it be continued in the long run or be reproduced by other states?
    The answers to both, in short, would be no.

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    If there is a will there is a way. It is really interesting to note that the goons are now getting the proper treatment. If a dacoit or rapist is running away and is killed in police firing then there is no human rights point in this action.

    If the goons have not done a wrong thing they should stop and surrender. Even in war if a person hands up and surrenders the army people do not kill him.

    If people know that they can run away after committing a crime then what is the use of giving a gun to the policeman. That is the only fear that can stop and arrest the culprit. If culprit has decided to die rather to surrender then it is his choice.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Everybody says that the governance in Uttar Pradesh is improving and law and order situation is improving. The author may be trying to say that there is no change in the police, there is no change in the criminals but there is a change in administration and that is resulting in good governance. A welcome change and let us hope that the situation will further improve.
    always confident

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    When ever the new party comes to power, there is a tendency of digging the past misbehaviour of the then ruling party members and their henchmen. In the recent past before Yogi taking over the power, there was total lawlessness, and those who were in power used the police to their whims and fancies. On the day of taking over charge UP CM Yogi said that he would not spare the wrong doers of past and would end the goondagiri and Dhadhagri type of leaders and that is what happening now, The same police are really working with full powers and getting good results.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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