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    Residents can reach out to save dying urban lakes.

    Some city waterbodies and lakes become the end point of dumping of human and industrial effluents and slowly die (Bellandur Lake, Bangalore).

    We need to revive these lakes as it supports a mini-ecosystem and can become a green spot in many urban areas. It takes a lot of effort and money to clean up the lake and revive it.

    Recently a foundation stone was laid by BEL as part of its corporate social responsibility for a sewage treatment plant which would enable to revive the Doddabommasandra lake in Bangalore.

    The Yelahanka lake, Bangalore was one such dying lake that was revived due to the efforts of local citizens, environmentalists and government bodies. Few more have been turned around successfully.

    Residents can initiate the process with the help of environmentalists, NGOs and corporates to adopt such dying lakes and transform them to support birds, small mammals, fishes and become a place to visit for locals.
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    No doubt these lakes are the best thing in a urban area but unfortunately due to neglect they dry up soon due to so many factors. It is rightly said that NGO and resident groups can take initiatives in protecting these lakes from decay.

    Once people of a place are conscious of their environment and raise the various issues with civic authorities, then the authorities also are compelled to take some action in this direction. If the society at large is indifferent to these vanishing spots, the Govt system also closes its eyes from it and one day an influential builder comes and erects a concrete jungle in its place.

    I remember when I was in Dehradun, there was a proposal of converting an old tea garden into offices and other buildings but the strong movement by the local citizen groups stopped it and in fact, that was protected and is a big green patch where people go for walks routinely.

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    It is true. We should see that the ponds and lakes in the cities and towns to be protected so that we will have sufficient waterbed in the ground and rainwater wastage also will get reduced. In Hyderabad, there were many ponds and lakes. But the lakes and ponds were illegally occupied by some people and buildings were constructed. So the number lakes and ponds have come down like anything. So there was a lot of scarcity of water and now they are trying to open these ponds again. The locality people should protest occupying illegally the water reserves as that is the common property. We should also think of rainwater harvesting system so that the underground water level will get maintained for a long time.
    As suggested by the author these corporates can take up the reviving these water reservoirs under CSR Schems so that multiple benefits will be there for the society.

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    It is the fact that when Kings were ruling the country and especially the South India, each one of them immensely worked for the for basics of the people and every big town and cities had many lakes and water bodies which were drinking water sources then. Over the period of times the lakes and ponds have become the connecting sources for the sewerage lines and thus more drainage water were accumulating and the lakes were over flowing with froth. If people and IT companies in Bengaluru can join hands with the locals and keep the lakes reviving and clean too. it will be great boon and Nothing can stop then.
    K Mohan
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