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    Thank you, Madam! You have helped them

    On 1st February, 2018, I raised the following thread:-

    Madam, they also need your help

    Now, I am very happy to intimate that those Pakistani Hindu pilgrims who had earlier received visa only for Amritsar, now have received the visa for the extended period. Not only that, these pilgrims had wanted to visit Hardwar to immerse the ashes of their departed relatives in the Ganges at Hardwar. Now they have got permission to visit Hardwar.

    Those Pakistani Hindus are presently at Durgiana Temple of Amritsar. When they got the news of the extension of visas and permission to visit Hardwar, their joy knew no bounds.

    Thank you, Madam Foreign Minister, for helping Pakistani Hindu pilgrims.
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    It is good that the external affairs minister helped the Pakistani tourists in getting their visa validity are extended and they are allowed to go to Haridwar and immerse the ashes of their departed relatives in the Ganges at Hardwar. Really I can understand the happiness of the tourists. Let us hope that the External affairs minister will continue her good work and try the needy.
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    This is one more example of how India keeps its relation with the neighbour, though they are indifferent on many issues and there is still humanitarian approach carried by India as requested by Pakistani Hindu pilgrims, even though the enemy country is violating the ceasefire across the boarder and now and then causing harm to our armed forces. Now on this gesture the Pakistan Military should also take note that India is the peace loving country and has the world support behind it. So Pakistan should restrain interfering in India and causing deaths to civilians in Kashmir and that would be retaliated sooner or later.
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    The link comes back to the same thread Mr.Partha.
    Happy that the pilgrims have been helped and can carry out the last wishes for the departed souls.
    One of the worst crimes is for a departed soul's family is to suffer emotionally from not being able to carry out the rituals, last wishes.
    Religious views, border issues and animosity between states or countries should not be hurdles.
    I'm happy that MEA, has been constantly supporting people for such issues and people suffering from diseases to come to India for better treatment.
    Such gestures on humanitarian grounds should not be mistaken by our neighbors.

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    Thanks, Mr. Natarjan, for pointing out the error. I have tried to rectify, but am unable to do so. Most probably, this is an error at the other end.

    I am really very happy that our humane Foreign Minister has helped these Pakistani Hindus to fulfil their duty to their elders.

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    This is the real spirit of brotherhood and humanity and a grand gesture of our country to these visitors. The external Minister definitely deserves praise for this permission.

    India is a country which is famous for its helping and honourable attitude for its guests irrespective of the differences with the country he is coming from.

    This is our tradition and the whole world knows it and that is what for we are proud of.

    Knowledge is power.

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    It is really good and certainly increases brotherhood between these two countries. These types of more actions are required to reduce the stress and tension between two countries from both sides. Hope both the countries will take necessary step for the benefits of the citizens of both countries.
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