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    Passing the buck Vs Accepting responsibility

    Recently, we had the sad shootout in Florida killing around 17 people. Later on, although the system failed, FBI came out accepting that 'we failed' in following a credible tip earlier.

    I'm not praising the FBI or supporting the USA but when we look at the PNB Rs 11,000 crore scam, no person in authority has come out and said, 'yes, we failed, we accept moral responsibility'. Each party is trying to find who can be blamed, how to pass the buck on. It would have been good if for instance, RBI had come out with such a similar statement.

    I think, within the government or any sector, we should encourage the culture of accepting responsibility rather than keep on passing the buck and hope that the trouble goes away.
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    No one wants to take the responsibility for the failure but everybody wants credit for the success if any. This is very natural. One should have the strength to accept their failure. It is very true in many cases. Even in small organisations also the top bosses always try to blame a junior or another department head. If it is a success each department will claim that they are the leaders.
    In Politics for anything, the opposition will blame the ruling party. Whether it is congress or BJP they always try to find fault with the other. Ultimately the common man is the sufferer. In this PNB issue, I feel more than politicians the officers in the bank at the top will be responsible and they should be punished. RBI also should think the weakness in the system and corrective action should be taken. Of course, the officers who committed these mistakes may have the blessings of the politicians. That may not be known.

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    Good observation made by the author. Accountability and taking responsibility is always accompanied by settling the issue either by paying it fully or partially. In India no one comes forward to take the responsibility fearing the full accountability of the lost that has happened. In case of PNB scam, there seems to be total bank officials involved from top to bottom. Single branch manager cannot give so much money and that too not getting the settlement of previous sanctioned loans. So the government should not sit on inquiry but instead sack all the top brass of the bank immediately and seize their assets first. Those who made assets after the scam can be known from the registration of properties, buying of costly items, gold or diamond. All must be confiscated and deposited with special court pending investigations.
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