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    All these promises made by BJP are 'Election Jumla (Empty Promises)'?

    Mr.Amit Shah, the President of BJP in an interview to ABP News Channel commented to a question depositing 15 lakhs to Bank accounts of people when Black money brought back from Foreign banks to India by BJP is an election Jumla i.e.empty promise. Considering this the following important promises of BJP are also Election Jumla?
    1. Bringing all black money of Indians deposited in Swiss Banks or foreign banks within 100 days
    2. Creating 2 Crore jobs per year
    3. Corruption free India and transparent administration
    4. Every citizen has his dream home
    5. Appointment of the Lokpal (anti-corruption ombudsman)
    6. Women's reservation Bill passed in Loksabha
    7. Bring complete transparency in election funding and remove influence of money in electioneering process
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    While drafting the poll manifesto the parties are under tremendous pressure to come out with unique promises which can instantly connect them with the voters and assured of winning. Moreover there is a stiff competition between Congress and BJP to append best promises in the manifesto , no matter whether they are possible to be achieved. So what Amit Shah has said is right. During polls great promises are made for the purpose of elections and the voters must have the wisdom to gauge and know whether such tall promises really feasible ? Never believe vague promises in future.

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    Most of the people know that the promises made in any election manifesto are just for winning elections. We can never find an election manifesto which is implemented in toto.

    At the best we can say that the promises made in an election manifesto reveal the future vision of the political parties concerned. Therefore, ideally the same should not be taken too seriously.

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    It is not specific to BJP. It is a general practice in India that all parties will come out with new proposals and promises during the campaign for elections. After elections are over the voter will forget and the party will also forget. This is not for the first time it is being done by BJP. Congress has done it earlier many times and won the elections and even 10% of the promises are also not fulfilled. At least we should appreciate the BJP president for accepting the fact. How many party presidents will do that. I can't identify even a single party which fulfilled its promises till 2014 in India. Now same is the case after 2014 also. I think it will continue forever. An average voter is happy with what he got one day before the elections and he will vote as he likes. So there is no chance for him to blames anybody.The whole process and system have to change to bring a complete change in the mindset of the people and the political parties to bring a better system of governance in our country.
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    But large number of people of India and elite section of people of India thought that BJP is a quite a different party than all other parties in India. They thought that this principled and systematic BJP will stick to the promises made to the people. So BJP also proved to be same like any other party.

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    Just see nursery school children come home. They often come happily with a star sticker from the teacher for being the Star of the Day etc. In truth, the child would be the same like others, but to entice the child's confidence in school and the teacher chocolates, star stickers, stars drawn along with teachers signatures after a scribble are given. Similarly, politicians promise us the sky and dangle a carrot in front of the electorate to capture the attention of the electorate.
    The BJP had to make tall claims so that it could cash on its rising popularity and the promises did pay its dividends to the party. Similar things have been done by all the political parties, and even on other countries. To me, all are the same only they have different shades of grey.

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    In India, not much importance is given on election manifestos. Instead, candidates are chosen by all political parties based on caste, communal and financial considerations. This proves that Indian democracy is still not a mature democracy. However, in this gloomy scenario, present leadership of BJP (not only Mr. Narendra Modi) has proved to be refreshingly different and decisive. Let's hope that BJP would be able to maintain its difference from other political parties of India.
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    The BJP played a trick on the public of India by making false promises. Coming to the points mentioned by the author, all are false or not accomplished promises.
    1. Forgotten about black money stashed outside India.
    2. Not achieved the target. In fact, due to demonetization jobs were lost in the informal sector.
    3. Corruption is continuing as usual as the recent happenings confirm. No one knows what is happening. The Ministers are visible to public only when there are elections. No one from the Government talks even if such a big scam like PNB.
    4. Yet to achieve.
    5. This Government is not interested in appointing Lokpal for the reasons best known to it.
    6. None of the political parties are interested in this.
    7. The political funding is shielded with retrospective effect.This is one aspect on which all the political parties in India are agreeable. The main beneficiaries are the BJP and the Congress party.
    With all these promises forgotten, how the BJP can claim to be different than other parties?

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    Public know well that political parties cannot and will not fulfil all the promises made in their election manifesto. Nowadays manifestos are just a formality for record's sake. Only a few copies are printed and just for distribution to the media. Public voters never gets them.

    The difference with the last Lok Sabha election was that people reposed a lot of faith and trust on the BJP/NDA. They seriously expected some sincerity and commitment from the Modi led government. That is what stands betrayed now.
    Non-fulfilling the promises, doing or completing what the previous UPA government was saying and doing-which the then BJP opposed tooth and nail-, keeping mum and not making people know what they are doing actually(making people doubt that the government hides many things) all these has made people to believe that all these promises made by BJP are 'Election Jumla (Empty Promises).

    The fervour with which people supported BJP in 2014 is now fast vanishing.
    If the next election holds a terrific shock to BJP, then they are only to blame. Personally I feel that is not good for the many long term matters concerning this nation. I still hope that the BJP/NDA will understand the people's real grievances and do instead of just talk. A series of happenings and experience lead us to feel that this government is favourable for the big and powerful corporates and businessmen only.

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    All these promises made by BJP are 'Election Jumla (Empty Promises)'?
    Yes the author is right to an extent. BJP is focusing on election winning only. It is not concentrating on national issues. Soldiers are dying daily. Terrorism has not stopped. Jobs are not created. Hopeless.

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    No political parties are perfect. I have said it every time and saying it again. The main thing they want is the "chair" no matter who the political party is. Above all people are not fool and they know what could be done or not. However, I don't think BJP has won the election in majority just because of Jumlas. But certainly because of previous government who did nothing in last 10 years. The different scams and weak PM who were controlled by remote was all the main issue. People were fed-up with last government working style and their ideology thus they lost the faith of the people of India. And, this is how BJP taken that advantage and came into ruling party.

    Yet, one thing is positive that our PM Modi is not like last few PM of India who kept mum in almost all issue. We have definitely better leader whose thinking is different. Whose working style is different. Also, whatever they have said to do, one should at least give them time. If People can bear a political party for 30-40 years, who gave nothing but scams! I find it difficult how they lose patient for BJP?

    If really one want to see the change, Why can't they blindly give 20 years at least to this government. I feel to laugh when people blindly say something as if last 30-40 years we grown GOLD!

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    Mr.Singh, why should we give time blindly for 20 years to see whether India is progressing or not. People must feel the comforts of ones governance with in a short span of time. Politicians like late NTR, late YSR Reddy, Naveen Patnaik, Nitish Kumar, Chandrababu , Manik Sarkar brought immense difference and great comfort in their rule who were appreciated by all section of people. Rulers should maintain a balance between welfare programs as well as long term constructive programs. But like BJP , leaving welfare programs which every average common man needs for the sake of saving currency for the exchequer will bring strong aversion to the party from the people. It is the general opinion created by BJP supporters that in the 10 years rule of Mr. Manmohan is a dark period for India. Remember after a very successful 5 year tenure of Mr.Singh as PM people of India voted back Mr.Manmohan to power. Talking there is no development of in Congress rule of 60 years is a brainwash program of BJP to the people of India. If we believe them they tell all development of India occurred only during BJP Party's rule of Vajpayee & Modi, Amit Shaw.

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    All right Ramakrishna, It would be better if you provide the India's progress during Congress time and I am only talking about those 10 years. Also, if people have voted them twice, I fail to understand why then they become a regional party like having only 44 MPs?

    Above all, even today congress can't fight alone with BJP. They need "Mahagathbandhan" to win the next election. If ever we have the non-BJP Government, we will have all party unite government and we know how the country run with multinational political party wether it was BJP or Congress, we do not have good experience. It is always better if one party rule the Delhi.

    People are don't blind who will get brainwash, we have seen how big party falls because of their poor ruling method. I feel congress and its supporter also start brainwashing people, it would be interesting to watch then.

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    I think we should not waste our time to submit our response in this propaganda-type Forum post. If we have to follow the Post author's view, the election is required to be held in every six months time during BJP's rule. On the other hand, the election is to be held once in ten years during Congress' rule.
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    Mr. Jeet Congress at present has only 44 Mp's not 54 Mp's.
    A blunt knife or rusted knife can't be useful for anything just for the sake we call it as the knife similar to PayTM series or Sachin or Virat records.

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    What! I gave them 10+ MPs? OOOPS, thanks for the correction Bhusan. I am going to edit it right now.

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