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    Our small contribution for enviroment.

    We are getting so many things from mother nature but what is our contribution to sustain it and maintain its greenery is an important matter and I am going to discuss it in this thread.

    We can not leave everything to Govt. As a responsible citizen, we have to do our part whatever humble way we can contribute.

    There was a demonstration by one NGO in which it was explained how segregation of waste can help in protecting the environment. I started doing it in my house and now we are only giving the wet waste daily for disposal and the dry one can be given once in a week or like that. It has been helpful to the people who take this dry waste and segregate the cardboard or metal or plastic in it which is then recycled.

    Earlier wet and dry was mixed together and it was really difficult for them to do segregation and they were dumping it as it is in waste disposal station. This is a small effort but many people in our locality have started and it is a good beginning.

    Please share if you are doing or have something in your mind which can be done to help in sustaining the environment in any small or big way.
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    In fact the Hyderabad Municipal Corporation has taken up this task of segregating wet and dry waste in separate containers has started when Swach Bharath Abiyaan was introduced. By giving green and blue containers to the house holds, the GHMC could reach out well in educating the people the important of segregating wet and dry waste and thus during the valentine day a great demonstration was made in public as to how to give divorce between wet and dry waste. The message was reached and the house holds are giving two containers of waste to the waste collection boy who comes daily morning at the door step. In fact Hyderabad has won the award for best up keep of the public places free from waste. However it is the duty of every citizen to see that we should not throw the waste here and there and put them in the numerous dust bins arranged for the purpose across the city in the recent past.
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    Nowadays the awareness in the people is also increasing about the environment and importance of the cleanliness. As explained in #626834 in Hyderabad each house is keeping two wastebaskets in the house. One for wet waste and one for dry waste. Once in two days the waste collector will come and clear the waste from the house and every house owner has to pay Rs.60/- per month to him towards charges for collecting the same. Ghmc has provided luggage trolleys to them for this.
    In our car, we kept a wastebasket. While travelling whatever waste is generated that will be collected in the wastebasket and will be cleared only when we find a dumping yard and we will never throw the waste on the road.
    In Andhra Pradesh, also in villages, this collection of waste is started and the village Panchayat will keep a waste collector before your house if any function is there in your house. You can put the total waste in it and Panchyati will arrange for clearing the same. The systems are improving.

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    Or in another words, as an individual, what should be our contributions to the nature in order to keep the environment clean and green? Honestly, this has just been me asking myself, "Do I need or want this?" Already a lot of waste is diverted just by being a little more conscious How?

    1. By not wasting water.
    2. Being vegetarian.
    3. Limiting to polluting vehicles.
    4. Planting more trees.
    5. Using recycled products
    6. Using fertilizers instead of chemicals.
    7. Saying "no" to polythene, crackers.
    8. Save LPG by adopting efficient techniques of cooking.
    9. Keep the lights, fans and other gadgets off, when they are not in use. Keep the appliances in a power saving mode
    10. Keep other's also aware of the above.

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    It's a very good thought process that will practically help the enviornment and the people.
    We have 5 groups at our residential blocks
    1.plastic container of our choice - wet kitchen waste is put in - collected by house keeping
    2. bag for dry waste
    3. A cover for medical waste and pads
    4.recycle bag for paper and plastics separate
    5. one bin for electronic waste in the floors.
    The big cartoon boxes if clean are taken by the working staff for their personal use.
    This is done by most of the residents. IF there are repeat offenders, then they are warned following which garbage is not picked up for 24 hours.

    What I feel sad is to see people in two wheeler and at times cars having a plastic bag full of waste, driving by and throwing them in the corner of the street (into the open drains or lamp posts). This is annoying, the stench in summer is unbearable. Moreover children and adults have to walk on the roads because of this mess. I've also seen people collecting the garbage just mixing the bags and dumping them in a larger van.

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