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    Does society promote invisibility of certain vital issues which ought to be discussed?

    In India, unlike in other countries, homosexual people are rarely seen. People do not feel free enough to openly acknowledge their identity. Also, people belonging to the third gender do not come within our sight that often. Sometimes, one even wonders if there does exist such people in India. They do, for sure! This is a significant issue but since the lesser the interaction with such people, the lesser their problems would be discussed.

    Why is that unlike in other countries like America, people who are considered 'not normal' are rarely visible to us in India? What is actually accountable for their invisibility? Is it the kind of society we live in or there is something more than that?
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    In India too there are homosexual people are living but they are confined to four walls and wont come out due to fear of being insulted and the society sees them with different eyes.
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    From the beginning, in our country, the matters regarding sex are treated as strictly confidential and private. Open romance and love are not the order of the society here. That is why many extramarital affairs are kept very secret and often leads to controversies. The people feel shy to discuss the sexual problems openly even with a Physician. This is the culture of our society. This is the main difference for our country from the other countries. So that is why the homosexuals also will not come out openly. Identifying the homosexuals is not possible here. Similarly, the third gender people also will not come that much on to the roads. But these days we see the third gender people roaming on the roads in groups. It is not a fear that the people will not respect them but it is shy to discuss openly the matters related to sex. It is not possible to bring in the foreign culture in our country. If that comes these sexual harassments and problems may come down.
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    In our country we have a culture and tradition of not discussing sexual matters in public or even in black and white.

    Whatever one learns is through his individual upbringing. Though the society is coming out to accept the need of understanding sexual behaviors but in majority of people it is still a taboo.

    It is natural that the third sex or homosexuals will not get any meritorious attention in such atmosphere.

    Knowledge is power.

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    We (society) know about it but it tend to ignore the existence of the Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) community. People should not be discriminated based on their sexual preferences, sadly this happens in India, wherein such people have to endure social/verbal or physical abuse.

    In India, if a daughter is not married in time, then she becomes the subject of gossip. If a new daughter-in-law is outgoing, then the tongues of the neighbors start wagging. Similarly if a boy is marrying a widow or his marriage is unduly delayed, then the other younger siblings also face trouble in finding alliances in time.

    If this is the situation, imagine a typical middle class Indian family, letting the world know that their son or daughter is a homosexual. It would just ruin their social standing and would become outcasts withing their circle of relatives.

    I think we are moving away from homosexuality being a taboo in India. In major urban areas, homosexuals lead a life with limited acceptance. With passage of time, people are aware of the other person's sexual orientation. In recent years, the rallies, awareness programs all have brought this group into the open. The SC would soon be pushed to issue its view on legalizing same-sex marriage

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