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    Why the small children are fascinated to wear father's shoe, wants Mother's lip stick etc ?

    In every home where a small child is also a member, huge purchases are made to meet his or her requirements. Though child dress, small shoes, slippers and other toys are purchased in plenty, the child would be interested to wear the dady's shoe or try mother's lipstick. From this it can be easily understood that though we get their wanted requirement they want to enjoy the dress and other accessories of the elders and the children get immense satisfaction. What is your say on this kind of behaviour among the small children.
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    Small children observe and imitate the adults around them. That is how they learn to speak in their mother tongue and other skills. They watch adults wear different clothes and behave differently, and copy their actions.

    This is the reason why it is said that we should be on our best behaviour in front of little ones. They are at an impressionable age where they are incapable of reasoning or applying logic and just follow what they observe.

    If an adult smokes in front of a child, the child will copy the same actions and inhale from an imaginary cigarette and blow imaginary puffs.

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    I beg to differ. I was always fascinated by my father's razor, not by his shoes. I may say that I am still fascinated by those razors. Even now, I use the old-fashioned razor, not the current 'use- & throw' type.
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    The age factor plays an important role here. Generally, the children will learn from their parents and elders. They see how the parents are getting dressed and how they are behaving and learn from them. They feel that what their parents do is to be also followed by them. This is very common.
    So if the parents are having God fear, the children also get it. If the father drinks alcohol the son will also try to do that. If the mother is with nighty during daytime also her daughter will also follow her. So The elder people will have to behave properly and see that their wards also will get good habits. Otherwise, they will get spoiled.
    The manners and behaviour is to be proper when small children are with us as they will learn from you by observing what you are doing

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    Children like to imitate elders. They want to grow fast and to be as elders. This is because they feel that adults and elders have more freedom,facilities and command power. So they idolise them and want to be like them.
    So they try to imitate whatever the elders and other adults do -in look, dress and even styles.

    Apart from this, infants and some small children feel some security with the parents and they see or visualise the parents in the things used by parents. For example a small child may keep the saree of its mother for seeping,or will get good sleep in a new place only if the mother's saree is draped over it. In the absence of its father, his shoe or bag gives it the proximity and feeling of being cared by father.

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    yes, I also come across with these behaviors of children and I also imitated my parents. when I was child, I want to become as my mom in emotions or taking care of home. I also want to become as strong as my father. so I tried to imitate them in every work.
    Yes, It is very important that parents must behave good and never follow bad behavior in front of child so it does not affect children.

    I had listened one story, there was a butcher who used to cut the neck of goats in his shop. but one day he performed his activity in front of his children. The next day, one of his children, who is elder performed that activity to his brother. I mean he cut the throat of his brother with sharp knife.

    These made their parents very sad. So never perform the things which makes you to fell into tragedy while your children watching you or imitating you...

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    The growing up phase of a child is like that. He will try to copy his elders.

    Whatever toys or material you provide to a child they become old and 'a thing of the past' in no time. It is the peculiar behavior of children.

    They will always be in search of new things. That is the reason they try all the odd things available to them.

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    One of the reasons might be that children want to grab their parents' attention and win their admiration. This behavior might be exhibited by children simply because of the lack of attention.
    More fitting reason for such kind of fascination for our parents' possessions is psychological. Oedipus Complex, which means unconscious desire for the parent of the opposite sex, is relevant here. Most of the times, while using our parents' possessions, we just want to look better, than they look and then want to show ourselves to the parent of the opposite sex and try to win admiration.
    This behavior is very common among children.
    Children require attention and admiration and they are even right to do so.

    One more reason can be that using one's parents' possessions give a sense of proximity, closeness. I lost my father three months back, and I still wear his shoes. .

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    Children always want to grow quickly for which they think copying father and mother is the short cut. These are the two persons who are always with them, and easy to copy. The trademarks which children identify with their parents as elderly marks are noted and tried to copy. The shoes are one thing they very easily notice. Some try to draw a moustache copying father. They wear the shirts of father or mother though not suitable. These show their tendency to grow as early as possible.

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    My thoughts went to Britania biscuits ad dated back some years ago when a small girl child would wear her brother's shoe and say 'Ek dhin Bhai jaise Bade ho jaongi, Britania biscuits koob kaongi ".
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    This thread reminds me of the don movie 'Nayagan', in that movie, Kamal's son imitates his father while playing with his friends, settling disputes like how the don did.
    Often, children are not interested in what they have in hand, they are more interested in what they don't have. Along with this, children love to imitate the father's mannerisms, the mother's pep talk. They grow up idolizing the parents. Hence they do tend to try what the parents use.
    Some parenting tips include, never to take a tablet or drink alcohol with your children watching you, they are good imitators, they'll just copy what you do.

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