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    Emotional agility is part of life

    "Agility" means moving fast or quick and "Emotional" means related to emotions. There are many emotions in our life. They are characterized into two types like Good and bad.

    Everyone wants to hook with Good emotions only and they want to live with those good emotions. When they are facing bad emotions like sad, disappointed, fear and many other, they just cry and shout "I just want to get out of this hell of emotions".

    My question is why, why don't you want to hook bad emotions? why don't you want to face them?

    In my view the bad emotions teaches us more. Facing bad emotions can make you to be thrive in your journey of life.

    Really, if you don't want to face bad emotions then I think you don't want to be alive. Because corpse don't have any feelings.

    So, Hooking with all types of emotions is a part of our life. We have to face them until our death.
    Never give up, just carry it and enjoy those feelings.

    Instead of trying to come out of those bad and sad emotions, try to make those emotions to give you energy or driving force towards your success. It will makes you to be thrive.
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    Emotions will emerge out of the conditions and situations. It may be good or bad. We can't stop them. For example, when we came to know that we got distinction in our exam and got very good marks, our happiness knew no bounds. We will show our happiness on our face and wanted to share this happy moment with all. In the same examination if we fail we will become sad and we will be very unhappy. We can't share the news openly with all. At the same time if somebody who got distinction we will feel jealous. Whether good or bad we can't avoid these emotions.
    Once we are out of those emotions only our mind starts working. We should use our brain to know the reasons for our bad performances and we have to improve upon. Emotions will not be lost long. We will come out of those feelings and start thinking. We should learn the lesson from the results not from the emotions and try to improve upon.

    always confident

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    I didn't quite understand the title. I think the author is talking about emotional ups and downs in Life?

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    Emotional agility is more than an Acceptance of emotions.
    Here I wrote about to accept the emotions through which we are going on.

    but why don't we?
    yes accepting emotional ups and downs in our life is also a part of emotional agility.

    "Life's Beauty is Inseparable from its Fragility ".

    Sohail shaik...

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    Good, our lives in many ways are like an 'Emotional roller-coaster', most of us don't show it outside. We are happy at one time, sad the next time, elated or depressed based on the circumstances.
    It is human to be emotional and life gives us enough opportunity for us to experience all of them. I think, as humans, we should not want only the good emotions, we need to experience the bad ones so that we know the value of good emotions.
    The cycle of birth and death, marriage and divorce, success and failure in exams, getting a promotion or a termination order, there are much more than test our emotions. Apart from these, we have emotions related to our interaction with others at home, in our social circles etc.

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    Different people respond to same situation differently depending upon their educational background, profession and experience etc.
    There are students who cry for the missing 1 mark after scoring 99 out of hundred and many students feel elated even after clearing the supplementary examinations.
    We cannot fully control as to what type of situation we are going to encounter the very next moment. Therefore, it is not within our scope to choose as to how we have to respond to the forthcoming given situation.
    Death is the ultimate truth but people don't even wish to talk about it though escaping talk doesn't alter its inevitability. Highly educated people respond less dramatically on encoutering death of a near and dear one compared to common people.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    For ordinary human being the emotions of different stature are bound to happen on daily life and during the life he faced more challenging emotions than the happy moments. So in that process changing from emotionally surcharged atmosphere may not be that easy transition as remembrance and memories of that particular moment and person would be haunting for ever due to closeness behaviour in the past. But some people vent their emotions through loud crying, some may not cry but keep the emotions inside. Take example of my self. When my elder brother died , I performed the last rights. When others were crying, I was not. But when the pyre was lit by me, I broke out very strong much to the astonishment of all there as they felt I reconciled to what has happened the big blow to our family. But outburst from my side was imminent.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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