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    It is unbelievable seeing people breaking solar panels.

    There is one video in circulation in social media where some villagers or hired labourers are destructively breaking the huge solar panels openly in the daytime.

    I wish it should be a fake one, though the background noise and provoking dialogue and shootings appear to be in Gujarati or Rajasthani language.

    If it is true it is really shameful that people can go to such extent in destroying the public properties. The huge solar panel setups are constructed by spending a large amount and destroying it like that is a totally anti-national act and such culprits should be jailed immediately.

    In some countries, police will shoot at sight such anti-social elements.

    Have anyone seen such videos in social media?
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    I have not seen that video. However in India is a common practice to destroy public property and public places when the people agitate or get angry. In those anxious moments, their minds will stop working and they don't understand what they are doing. Antisocial elements will stay behind and make the innocent people come to the front. The police will see that these innocent people who are in the front will get suffered. But the actual culprits remain in the background and getting ready for the next time to make somebody scapegoats. Many times we see the agitating people putting RTC buses on fire. The loss is to whom. To the RTC. Then the corporation will increase the fares to meet the losses and the public is the sufferers. It is possible only in India. That is why India is a paradise for criminals and law violators. No other country will allow such things to happen on the road. They may shoot at sight these people. Let the Indian democracy go on exhibiting its uniqueness.
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    Got this on whatsapp grp, cant make out exactly reason why ppl are breaking panels,is their anti govt temperment or some land issue ...difficult to understand.

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    I have not seen the video but the narration shared by the author do give greater pain to every one that public properties are destroyed and in this case the solar panels are destroyed for pressing some of their issues.
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    I also saw the video, it's not a mob or spontaneous. It looks like a handful of people venting their anger.
    It's sad that these panels go waste due to destruction by the very same public to whom it should be helpful.

    These people could be a group who have had their earnings reduced because of solar power or the land in which it is constructed is under dispute or they may be feel neglected by the Government. I remember years ago when private players came into the telecom sector, the telephone lines around our building would be sabotaged by the public sector team to discourage people from taking connections.
    Similar instances happen at buffer zones(around forests). If the villagers who kill animals or allow grazing in the forest are taken to task, they retaliate by poisoning tigers or damaging fences etc. I hope these people are caught and taken to task.

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    India is a very soft state. Due to various compulsions, the Governments treat law-breakers and those who destroy Government properties with kid gloves. The Governments always think that mollycoddling criminals would bring a positive change in them.

    But it does not happen in reality. Instead of mollycoddling those who destroy the Government property, they must be treated very harshly. Such problems must be nipped in the bud without considering caste, creed, religion or party affiliation elsewhere. The Governments must remember that they have given those criminals enough çarrots, now its time to beat them with sticks.

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    This can't be the act of the ruling party but the opposition instead. Haven't seen the video but anyhow corrective action needs to be taken against such groups or individuals at the earliest possible time.

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    I have seen that video on what's up. But if U observe the video carefully U will notice that those women are laborers who earn on day-to-day. They were directed by their foreman a man to do so. They are not villagers, nor rural people. And the tag that that's why India can never progress mean to provoke peoples sentiments.
    In many cases we see that whenever some people try to do good e.g. installing solar panels or gym utilities, there are always other people who try to obstruct the well to do intentions for their own personal gains. Be they be in government or other rival organisations.

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