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    Filing FIR is a big issue.

    Recently there was a theft at home in my uncle's place. They were out of station when theft happened. When they came to know about this they immediately traveled to their place which was 8 hours journey in cab. They had actually started at 12 pm but reached their home by 8. 00 pm. Till then the police had not responded to the neighbor's complaint nor had a visit to the house to do their further investigation, they waited till the owner came to the spot and then took the complaint. Later on they had check for finger prints and their further investigation process. But by all this they say that if you lodge FIR you will be in trouble because for every small enquiry you need to come even the witness has to come every time where it is a trouble to you and it will also prolong four to five years. Instead just file a complaint if we find the theft things then we will inform you. You can identify and take it. But for written complaint also they are not ready to give an acknowledgement. By all this I find that Filing FIR is a big issue in our country.
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    I think filing a complaint and making an FIR is not that difficult. But the police will hesitate to raise FIR. If the FIR is filed and if the missing things are not found they have to close the case saying that no traces of the culprit. If more cases are raised like this it will be a bad remark for the station and station administration officers. Hence they discourage people filing cases and raising FIR. This is very common these days. If they happened to find the stolen goods they may call you and ask you identify your materials and then they start writing FIRs. Recently my sister happened to lose her purse while getting into an RTC bus. She approached the police station in that town. In that station also they hesitated to raise an FIR. But somehow through known sources, she managed to get the FIR done. This is more than three months no progress so far. I don't know what is the progress. So what you felt is correct. The police will always hesitate to raise an FIR.
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    Yes what the author has mentioned is right. Getting the police help is not that easy and FIR is not registered by police that easily as they would try to settle the petty issues over the table by arranging both the parties to dispute. But in this case it is theft and needs to be responded immediately. Every police say that they are the friends of the people and they can be disturbed for even small complaint. But that is not the case when in really happens to us and gone through the ordeal. The police laws must be simple and useful to common man. In the compulsion of starting enquiry, the police would shun the petty cases. And for every small thing they catch, court has to be informed and the court shall award the punishment and thus police has less duty. Instead they want to earn through compromise formula between two parties and get rid of complaints.
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    The Supreme Court has made it very clear that filing of an FIR is mandatory for all cognizable offences (offences in which an arrest can be made without a warrant) and no police officer can refuse to file an FIR on any grounds. In case a police officer refuses to file an FIR, a complaint can be put up and an acknowledgement of its receipt must be given to the complainant. That being the legal position, I don't think filing of an FIR is that difficult a task. I agree with Dr Rao that some police stations resort to certain tactics to keep the crime limit within their jurisdiction within a certain limit but we should not give in to such pressures. We are protected by law and must use all possible channels to ensure that our rights are not violated. Non-filing of an FIR or a complaint and not retaining a copy of the same may affect the further proceedings in any legal matter. Ignorance of the law cannot be claimed as an excuse and so we need to be a bit forceful in such matters and must take legal assistance if required.
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    I do agree with the editor only if legal action is taken , but if the police itself mention and cycologically blackmail the victim then what else can be done. I agree with Dr Rao and K. Mohan sir. They are expecting all kind of bribe from the victim. This is happening in our country which never comes to light. Instead the inspector is advising to install CCTV for our protection. Then what else we can expect from them. Few months back next lane of my house there was theft in medical shop where 5 lakh rupees was robbed. The funniest part was that the police vehicle was standing just opposite to that shop. Most of public commonly say that police is involved and they no who are they but still they don't take action. I now guess that might be true. If cases are solved genuinely then I think the crime rate will definitely reduce.

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    Gsadhiks, follow up the matter to higher channels. Give a written complaint to the DSP or the Commissioner stating all the facts and if they too fail, there are higher channels that can be approached or else you can take legal assistance (not recourse) in this matter. The police officer cannot, first of all, refuse to file an FIR and in case he has valid reasons for the same, he is supposed to give the same to you in writing. It is this tendency to meekly submit to pressures that is providing the manure for the weeds of corruption to flourish in this country.
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    It is true that if the police refuse to raise an FIR, we can take legal action. But the problem here is nobody wants to go against these police people as they can create problems to a common man in small villages and cities if anybody goes against them. I know police persons making friendship with big people in the region and try to create problems to the people who go against them. So many areas there is no alternative than hearing to their advice and behaving the way they wanted. So a common man will have a real problem in managing the police persons in the semi-urban and rural areas of our country. But the same police will be very effective if they really want to do something in the case. One of my friend house was looted when the house was locked. But the local police showed excellent sharpness and recovered every single item lost without any exception.
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    Just two days back in Bangalore, a local politician badly assaulted a person for a trivial issue and the victim is in the ICU. An FIR was not filed or accepted for many hours even when the family went to file it. Only when it became a political issue, did the Government quickly step in; not only was an FIR filed but the inspector who refused the first time is suspended.

    There are bad apples in most public service sectors. It looks like you have had your brush up with the bad apples of the force. Often jobs in this sector are not earned by pure merit alone. There would be stiff competition to be posted to a 'lucrative' station.

    So, it's not entirely a surprise that filing an FIR has been discouraged. Once an FIR is filed, the case needs to be pursued and closed, otherwise, it just adds on to their list. At some places, sadly, the culprit would be known and for a right amount, you would be able to get back part of the stolen items.

    You can be persistent or get the media involved, if you know them. Many of us cannot take on the police and hope to live without their interference in the same locality.

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    What the author has stated is a real problem. Most of the time, the police are reluctant to file FIR. Most probably, they want to minimize the number of criminal incidents within the jurisdiction of the police station. However, in such cases, online FIR can be lodged. In case of online FIR, there is no question of decline. But, I don't know whether the facility of registering online FIR is available everywhere in India, or not.
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    I really thank all the author's for giving their valuable suggestions. But in this I agree with author Dr. Srinivasa Rao. Actually I had suggested them to lodge a complaint at higher level, but my uncle was reluctant the reason he gave was"we both are aged and our children are staying out of station. At this age I don't want to go against police and be apart of their revenge. The things that is lost let it go. Things lost can be gained but life can't and at this age I can't and don't want to have negative relation with the police." But still I will check out Partha sir's suggestion. I personally want to know who has done this, I am not able to visit their place because my kids exam's are going on and can't go till the vacation start's. Next to my uncle's house there is a school which has installed CCTV but the police is not ready to look at that footage also where it show's how negligent they are?
    As author Natarajan sir mentioned now a day's every new issue of politics is coming daily in Bangalore. In today news Congress MLA was black mailing in BBMP office by spilling petrol to pass his documents and the officer has not filed a case the reason he gave today was the same what my uncle mentioned he quietly applied for transfer. This CCTV footage was leaked by somebody to the media , Where the media is continuously telecasting but in this case also it will be snubbed.

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