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    Education – Is it mere literacy:

    What is education? Do you feel Education is simply attending the classes, hearing the lessons, attending exams and getting ranks? Is it the education? I feel education is not mere literacy and it is above all that.
    Education means a total and all-round development. It should lead to the harmonious development of a student's personality. It should make him aware of what is happening in his country and in the world around him. It should also develop him as a leader. Instead of being a book-worm alone, the student should become a good all-around personality with knowledge and general awareness of the society. He should be able to fight the battle of life if the situation desires.
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    You are right, Dr. Srinivasa Rao. Education is more than Literacy. Literacy is simply a gate to enter into a world of pieces of information. These days reading and writing are the minimum requirements to start learning. Letters are the sharpest weapons which can open the house of knowledge. Once letters are in our hand books become our friends. These friends will take us into the world of information. Now, in addition to books, we have the computer facilities too. For getting access into this new equipment also we need to be literate.
    Latest pieces of information come through print and electronic media. Both these are accessible only because we are literate. Hence becoming literate is the first step in education.

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    In the modern times, even a person holding a Ph.D. degree can be said to be illiterate in case he/she is not 'computer literate'. The computers and internet / communication technology has revolutionised the way the humans are living.
    Therefore, it is truly convincing to reiterate that education is not mere literacy.

    Consider the unscrupulous doctors who fleece the patients and their near and dear by adopting unfair practices. Are they educated in the real sense?

    Consider professionals, businessmen and industrialists who evade payment of taxes by adopting unfair practices. Are they truly educated?

    If an Harvard educated politician is said to be involved in a financial scam, then is it alright to label him/her as an educated person?

    What were the educational degrees of Akbar or Ashoka? Were they Ph.D. or D.Litt.?

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    A very nice thread by the author highlighting the importance and purpose of education in bringing out all round development of an individual rather read, write and pass the exam.

    Education is supposed to make the vision of a person above caste, creed and religion. It brings prudence, dignity of work, humbleness, etiquettes and other such good traits in a person. It removes the dark of social evils and superstitions from one's life and brings knowledge and wisdom.

    Education must bring the multi facade personality development otherwise its purpose is totally lost.

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    Yes, I agree with the author. The complete development is the first aim of education policy. But is it possible in India? In my opinion, it is not possible here. Teachers have to do almost all the work except teaching. Teachers have to do the election, have to do population census, have to do different surveys, etc. We have only 210 working days approximately in a whole year. sometimes students do not attend classes and sometimes our teachers are engaged in different works. Our media also exploit our teachers by making a small issue to headlines of the news. The teacher cannot tell a word to students. The government has taken all the right s from the teacher by the ACT of RTE.
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    It is an excellent post. No, education is not literacy. Education means the all-round development of human being so that he/she can understand the difference between good or bad for himself/herself/entire society. However, generally education is not possible without literacy (there may a few exceptions). So, we must stress upon literacy first. Education will come in due course (hopefully).
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    Education is swinging like a pendulum. The older generation had an education system focussing on morals, all around development. Then it gradually shifted to more of marks and MCQ based assessments that triggered the focus on percentage and ranks.
    Now our children are in a stage wherein most of it is books and theoretical knowledge. Parents are feeling sorry for the amount of stress and unnecessary focus their children need to have on book knowledge.
    Hopefully, the next generation will focus more on overall development, sports, language, etc. Perhaps like moral science classes they should have life skill classes from middle school.
    When we think of the traditional Gurukul kind of education, it makes sense, the clam, relaxing enviornment, stress unheard off, maybe we should give it a try.

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    I agree with the author, education is not just attending classes, appearing for exams and securing a rank. Overall development is very important for education. Being bookworm just to secure a rank does not help a person. Along with bookish knowledge, one should have general knowledge also. And now, one should excel at least in any other fields like sports apart from studies.

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