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    Do you remember a new word learned after certain days?

    We all want to improve our language and we are learning so many things here and correcting ourselves. Sometimes we learn a new word that we wouldn't have heard before and check out for the meaning to know what it means. Mostly, for that moment we check out the meaning and know about it but slowly tend to forget that word. After certain days if you hear the word you learned, will you recall the meaning? If so, how do you remember it? Do you make a note of all the words you learned and keep a track of it?
    The reason why I am asking is, at times I forget the meaning when I hear such words again.
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    It primarily depends on the age profile, profession and depth of interest of the individual concerned. The senior citizens are likely to forget sooner than a promising college student.
    I personally don't keep notes of newly learnt words and believe that most of the persons are not doing so.
    Nowadays, it has become very easy to refer online dictionaries time and again, as and when required.
    People in the teaching profession who require to use the word again are likely to be extra-vigilant about not forgetting the newly learnt words but the same may not be the case with a housewife.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Normally people who are in touch and in contact with us are not using any new word for that matter, the talking and writing would be on expected lines as the main intentions from both the end would be to convey the meaning in best possible way. So seldom one uses new word these days. But I make a point to read the editorial of news papers which are bound to have one or two words which may be new to us and never heard before. Such words are to be remembered and even used when we converse with others. I like The Hindu paper editorial which is of high quality and even students must read those editorials to keep their English in high order.
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    Yes I do. "Ephemeral" is the word I learnt.
    Ephemeral means temporary I guess.
    Ethereal too. Ethereal means a fragile gift out of this world.
    I learnt these words in a quote.
    I've been trying to use them too.
    If you use a newly learnt word in your conversation you'll remember it easily.

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    Whenever I learn a new word in English, I not only learn the meaning, but also learn the usage of the new word in a sentence. Since my childhood, I have been following this method. So, generally I remember the new English words because I learn the usage of this word in a sentence also.
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    When we come across a new word we check the meaning of that word. As expressed by the author we may forget the word and meaning also very easily after some time. But what we have to do for remembering the same for more time. After seeing the meaning, try to make one or two new sentences of your own and read them three or four times. That will give you a long remembrance of that word as well as the meaning also. The chances of forgetting are high in case of old people. But young generation can remember for long. When you talk with other people try to use that word in the conversation so that you will remember that word for a long period.
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    Frankly , today I learned a new word -"diamantaire". I read this word used in a newspaper article regarding the PNB scam and to describe Nirav Modi.

    Diamentaire( to say in brief) is a person who produces or manufactures diamond gems.

    New words which we learned later in life stay in our mind for easy recall if we get to use them more.

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    There are so many new things (including words) that we come across everyday. It would be very difficult to remember all that. Most of it like trivia questions and answers.

    It's nice to know them but is it useful for me? can I use it in my conversations or writing, if yes, then I remember the words. The other words, I read and understand them for curiosity sake and then forget it.

    Frankly, the ocean of English language is too wide and too vast for us to keep remembering every thing. Some people know fancy words and spellings but forget simple things like saying 'today evening' instead of 'this evening'. I feel we should be good in our basic command of English and then try to enhance it with fancy terminologies and words (unless you are a creative writer).

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