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    How to write a heading in an article

    How can I type a heading while writing an article?
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    After selecting the article category to be written, then go down to see article title. That is the place where you will be writing the heading of the article, then comes the summary part which is also important. That means short gist of article which you are going to append. Then comes the body content of the article, which should have the details of all mentions concerning to title and summary. And also make a final observation from your side on the written article , so to that members and net users can give their comments. But never copy paste any information from the net and all sharing must be on your own and not copied from internet.
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    Good Morning, Ms. Majumdar. Welcome to India Study Channel. You are required to give


    command by typing before the sub-heading. After writing the sub-heading, you have to type

    OR .

    I hope this helps.

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    Since, Mohan Ayya has given the guideline to locate the heading part of the article, I like to add this link that helps you the providing the thumb rules of article headings. You can find this link and other norms for title, on the right side of your Article submission page.

    Use proper title for your resources

    Hope this link helps you in writing suitable heading that gives the benefits of SEO
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    Its simple, when you are writing an article, think of other people point of views as how they will search it in Google. You need to think as a reader what they actually wants to know from your article subject. Normally the words like "Why", "How", "when", "what about" or only "what" are the easy to start with when you are writing any article title. Slowly, when you will get little experience, you will yourself come to know how to generate an article title.

    You can look out for other article titles in "Article" section and learn from it.

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    It depends on the subject you choose. I prefer giving the same in such a way that reader will get interested in reading the article by seeing the title. You have to type the heading in the column provided at the top of the article submission page. No HTML tags are required for the heading. HTML tags are required for subheadings only. You can just type in the column like any other sentence.
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    The heading is the smallest briefing in context of the overall description that you can write in the form of essays. You can also relate to this as a TITLE, which gives an impression of the overall subject.

    Giving an example & if we speak of Indian Election, then we need to give about the subject as something which is easily understood giving the readers an idea of the matter being briefed inside.

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    The heading of an article is, in essence, tells us what is the article about. Neither it should be mysterious nor misleading.

    From the heading itself, the reader knows about the article material and also guesses whether it suits his reading taste or not.

    In today's world of internet the words used in heading should be selected in such a way that people searching this material should reach here.

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    Catchy titles and phrases (like the ones used by media) attract the eyes of the internet regulars but if you have an article worthy of reading, then such enticing titles are not needed. Choose a relevant short title that conveys the gist of the article.

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