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    Banks save on no security at ATM's. Keep gate opened for single person to enter. But their money ?

    I feel pity at the public sector banks , the way they perform their duties. A pen for signing at the counter was tied to a thread, so that it should not be stolen by the account holders. The main gate would be kept open so that only one person shall enter, probably to safeguard the money they have from unscrupulous elements. The genuine account holder want to draw some big money would be given time or asked to collect in the evenings. Even they are not employing security guards at ATM's and how come crores of rupees goes to other hands in the name of loans which are not perfectly scrutinised and the returns for the banks not assured ?
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    Why the pen is tied! Well, it is not only in bank but everywhere the first thing which get missed from out table is the pen. It is the important thing for the bank, not everyone carry the pen when to fill the form for depositing money or any other work. So, tying is the best possible thing at office or bank.

    In ATM it is always better if only single person is allowed unless it has more than one ATM machine. It is irritating if you are taking out money ans someone is just behind you.

    About going Crores of rupees in the name of loan, is something is very serious issue. It involved many people and not only bank people which influence bank to provide such huge amount.

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    The security guard can guard the customers who are coming to draw the money from the ATM. But he has no role to play while the bank officers are placing the money in the ATM. How much they are placing and how much is written in their account, the security guard may not know. But the security guard can't stop the customers who are drawing the money from the bank in a duly authorised way, he can't do anything. The bank administration is penny wise but pounds foolish. If the pen kept for the customers writing is missing they have to keep another one. There is no use to the bank officer. But he can say I have replaced 5 times and 4 pens he can take home. It is a personal gain for him. The incidences that are coming out from the bank these days made me remember the Telugu proverb which means the fencing which is supposed to protect the crop from animals itself has eaten the crop. There is no security for the common man's money.
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    Restrictions are always cumbersome and resisted everywhere. It is true that majority or maximum people are law abiding, honest and do not cheat or cause harm to others. So we feel that we are put to difficulty and inconvenience by the various restrictions and controls.
    The fact that the law abiding , honest , harmless, peace loving people have to suffer and live always scared sacred because of some very minor number of criminal minded, anti-social or anti-national are present - is really a sorry state of affairs.
    A situation should come that only the criminals and anti-social and anti-nationals only should be scared.

    Let me narrate a truth now. Years ago, currency notes were stitched by thread. Notes in hundreds were stitched by thick thread. The notes had holes and used to get torn easily. Then came the orders on 'clean note policy'. Currency should not be stitched henceforth. There were lot of apprehensions among the bank staff and public. But it is a pleasant fact that no one lost even a rupee because of such a reform. Generally people are honest. So banks (and other organisations) can try keeping even pens untied. Initially there will be some small losses. But gradually people will get habituated and will replace the pen in its place after use.

    The awareness about surveillance camera have made a change already.

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    Perhaps the author is perturbed due to the mega scams involving thousands of crores of rupees being committed like the recent PNB scam. His point is that though the banks are vigilant enough to take care of even a two rupees pen, but they are unable to prevent scammers and fraudsters from looting the banks.

    As a matter of fact, in such cases, instead of the banks, the common people of India are being looted by a gang of persons which includes bank officials. The losses of the banks are recovered from the common man by imposing a cess or increasing the tax rate.

    Such frauds cannot be committed without connivance of the bank officials.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    While registering a property a bank was insisting that they first sign the registration document and then they would give the bankers cheque as if the seller is refusing and running away. Down with the bankers for their so called strict laws against the sincere customers.
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    Anything that is visible to the public eye and out in the open can be misused. So, pens can get stolen, crowds can make theft easy, large cash handling when banks are full of people can invite the attention of criminals. Hence these measures. ATMs have at least 2 CCTV image recordings and the security guard becomes an extra expense.

    But when we look at loans, that too big amounts, It would be hidden from the public, what is hidden is as good as forgotten hence such huge scams happen, the banks and we are losing the money. If the banks were to display the crores of loans given in the notice board, website or papers, such scams cannot happen, even if it starts, someone will have the common sense to question why?

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