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    Are we to go by party or by issue?

    In threads section of ISC, we come across many threads related to political parties and their views on the particular issue. The replies and discussion can be based on the issue or based on the party responsible for it. If the member is having an affiliation with a particular party he may try to defend the party. If it a party other than his affiliation he may try to project as if the responsibility lies with the party. But some discussion will be purely based on the issue. In one issue the political party's stand is correct but its stand on another issue may be wrong. In these discussions, those points will be getting highlighted. I feel we should try to look at the issue, the merits and demerits of the action taken but on the basis of the party which has taken the action. I like to know the opinions of other members on this issue.
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    Having an affiliation with a party, for a leader would be based on many facts ranging from just a liking to a logical decision based on the performance of the party.

    So, most often, affiliation or liking would be based on non-rational ideas and facts. While this may be acceptable to many we have to go by the issues that trouble the country and the problems faced by the people. An educated rational person would be looking at how issues of the common man are handled by various parties. This is very important in the long run to understand how the party works.

    Take for example Telangana and AP, prior to the separation, we saw so many agitations, so many young lives lost but few years down the line, AP is worse off than Telangana. If people from both sides had put their emotions aside and decided practically what is good for both of them, then perhaps the situation would be different. Now AP is being made to run behind the center.

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    By and large every one of us are affiliated to a party and thus our support would be to them and that does not mean that we would overlook the lapses. Good party must welcome the criticism and expectations of the public and that would give them instant connectivity with mass. Talking about TRS and TDP. there is always a possibility that Naidu must take cue from the TRS how to agitate and get the things done. Even TRS leader Kavita gone on record that her party would support AP to get all the dues and also join fight for special status to AP. But Naidu is avoiding to have this relation.
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