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    Delhi's Chief Secretary was assaulted by goon turned MLAs of Aam Admi Party

    The Chief Minister convened a meeting at his residence at 12 midnight. In the meeting, the top bureaucrat of Delhi, the Chief Secretary Mr. Anshu Prakash raised questions regarding AAP Government's excess spending on advertisements. The MLAs of Mr. Kejriwal got enraged and surrounded him. Amanatullah Khan, an MLA, kicked and slapped Mr. Prakash. The Chief Secretary complained against Khan and Saurabh Bhardwaj, another MLA, to the Lt.-Governor.

    The IAS Officers' Association has convened an emergency meeting to discuss the issue. Now, Amanatullah Khan and other AAP MLAs are denying the allegation. It is nevertheless expected. But those MLAs are complaining against BJP. Why, only Mr. Kejriwal and his MLAs know.
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    Why the meeting was convened at 1200 midnight. What is wrong with the top bureaucrat of Delhi, the Chief Secretary Mr Anshu Prakash in raising questions regarding AAP Government's excess spending on advertisement. The Ministers. MLAs and Chief Minister might have explained him the reasons or they might have asked him to wait for sometime for their explanation. Instead of that why they should kick and slap Mr Prakash. There is no point in this. They should not misbehave with the IAS officers like this. No employee will accept this type of treatment. I don't understand what is the role of BJP in this? How will BJP come into the picture? It is very ridiculed. Whether it is AAP or BJP the IAS officer's association should take up this strongly and should not leave those MLAs without any firm action. If necessary they have to fight with the governemnt also till the justice is dome to the suffered officer and action is taken on the culprits. A very sorry state of affairs.
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    I think FIR must be lodged against those goon MLAs. Amanatullah Khan is a serial offender. The employees of Government of Delhi are very agitated. It has been reported that AAP leaders are being gheraoed.

    But I feel very amused to note that BJP is being blamed. How does BJP come into the picture? No BJP MLA was present in the meeting in the residence of the Chief Minister.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    AAP is not a party founded on solid and well laid principles and ideal. I is a hotch-potch decoction. It is like a cloth stitched with extra or waste pieces taken from various other clothes. Most of the leaders have selfish interests and used the opportunity of a new party to fulfil their interests..So we need not get surprised from such acts from the AAP MLAs and members.

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    Latest update: The Chief Secretary met the Home Minister of India, Shri Rajnath Singh. He has lodged FIR against those goon MLAs. The goon MLAs also lodged a complaint against him.

    Entire IAS, DANICS and DANIPS officers have started very strong protests against AAP.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Once elected the party MLA"s feel that they are above the law and no one shall question them. Abusing and assaulting a IAS officer on duty is teh great crime for which the MLA can be jailed. The other day a Congress MLA son in Bengaluru beaten some one for petty issue and though the affected person complained to the police , no action was taken. On persistent demand from media the Siddharamiah government has taken decision and suspended the member son for six years from the party. These are the clear cut examples of how people behave when they are in power.
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    We are just hearing one side of the story.
    The common situations that lead to this kind of tussle in when a meeting gets out of hand due to 'issues related to sharing some money(usually corruption) or when there is a 'clash between a politician in power and official authorities have a stand-off' as to who is more powerful.

    Are there any recordings or records of the meeting? were there any other members who can shed more light on this? Surprisingly no video recordings or tapes of the actual incident have surfaced so far.

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    If there is any party for which I will doubt such allegations is AAP. BJP, Congress and other parties are well known for the criminals they have in their ranks.

    If this incident has really happened then a proper investigation is definitely needed and the guilty should be punished.
    However, we should also think whether this complaint would have come if there was some other party who had done it? BJP and Congress thugs would have threatened the bureaucrat and the police would have refused to register a case. It would never come in the larger media. But since this is AAP which doesn't have any influence on law and order matters any opportunity to malign the party won't be missed. That is why I take such complaints which a pinch of salt because there is always a high chance of BJP people staging such dramas especially when they want to divert the attention of people on bigger corruption issues like of Nirav Modi.

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    Amanatullah Khan is a serial offender. The matter has become very serious. Delhi Govt. employees today demonstrated against Ashish Khetan and Imran Hussain. The Delhi bureaucrats have directly revolted against Kejri and his goons.

    Blaming BJP won't divert the attention this time.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Latest update: A goon MLA, Prakash Jarwal was arrested on Tuesday night in connection with the assault. The main culprit named in the FIR, Amanatullah Khan, has been hiding.

    The bureaucrats have demanded an unconditional apology from Kejriwal.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Assaulting and misbehaving with the government officers on duty is to be dealt with seriously. There are many such incidents happening all over the country. The Governments concerned should take appropriate action against the culprits whoever they may be to allow the government servants to discharge their duties without fear. Similarly, the government servants who are negligent to their duties with the clout they are having with politicians and higher authorities should also be punished severely.
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    Just a few days back, I raised a thread on Can we stop this Babugiri? after seeing some video forwards of politicians slapping lower officers at public gatherings or during inspections.
    This morning, I read that the Congress party in Bangalore expelled one of its members a block officer, he threatened to set the office on fire by pouring petrol, when the officer refused to issue illegal Kathas. He is still in hiding.

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    Many issues like this these days. But this particular incident is entirely different. In other cases, it is a small leader and a small employee. But in this issue this between chief Secretary and MLA. The incident happened in presence of CM of the state. Why is CM silent? He can clearly say what happened as both of them are under him only and both are important for him. I don't understand if the behaviour of the people at big positions is like this, what is the fate of a common man in this country.
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    There is a stalemate in the adminstrative functioning in Delhi Government. The bureaucrats at all levels have refused to meet the ministers. They have said that they would only work as per the written orders in files.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    This is all political game. Even in Karnataka also the same situation, here MLA son has shown is power on ordinary man by hitting him black and blue for very small reason. The cop's are always for the MLA son. I think till the election all this will go on and we citizens should be quite that's all and again vote these culprits to rule our country. who don't have minor humanity also.

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    What really amused me that AAP spokespersons giving their versions and defending the behaviours of their so called MLA's that they have done is right. But on the other hand there is a stalemate in government day to day functions and there is a virtual face off between executive and administration. These people who behave arrogantly must know the fact that now a days every one has the cell phone and some are enthusiastic enough to capture the video of wrong doings unknown to the offenders and they cannot deny later that they behaved. The law is watching them and would take steps to mend their ways.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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