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    Udayalur village in Tamil Nadu: Raja Raja Chola's Samadhi in ruins

    Udayalur village, Thanjavur district, Tamil Nadu. Has any Member visited this non-descript village? Most probably, no. In this small village, behind the house of a farmer, lies the Samadhi of one of the greatest kings of India.

    Many historians say that Raja Raja Chola and his son Rajendra Chola are among the greatest kings of India. Chola dynasty is known for the temples built by them and the powerful navy. The navy of the Cholas carried the flag of Indian civilization in many countries of South Asia.

    It is a shame on our part that we have miserably failed to protect the invaluable historical monuments related to the greatest sons and daughters of the country. Raja Raja Chola's neglected, dilapidated Samadhi at Udayalur village tells us that we have to change our attitude. And we have to do it immediately.

    Similarly, the Samadhis of Baji Rao, Hemu and many others suffer from the same indifference. Archaeological Survey of India and state archeological departments must take immediate action to protect these Samadhis of greatest men and women of the country.
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    It is very nice to know about the history and that to from this particular author. We studied in the history that Chola dynasty is famous for building the temples. Anyhow now it is known that their navy is very famous.
    Many such constructions very spoiled by others and now in many places we see only the ruins of these monuments. It is sad to know that Smadhi's of these great people are neglected. The governments should take steps to protect such monuments and they should see that Archaeological Survey of India and state archaeological departments will take necessary steps in safeguarding these monuments. A good piece of information.

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    I don't think that it has been established that the said location was the actual burial place of the great ruler. There are claims to this effect but reportedly, the Archeological department could not find any conclusive evidence to establish the same. I think that must be a reason why this so-called samadhi of Raja Raja Chola has not been attended to by the concerned departments or the government.
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    'I don't think that it has been established that the said location was the actual burial place of the great ruler.'-How does the Lead Editor know?
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    Raja Raja Cholan(for example) does not have a vote bank following like many other dead personalities. If someone hits on a plan to collect a vote bank in the name of Raja Raja Cholan, he too will get political patronage for erecting his statues, memorials and funds will be granted profusely.

    May be someone may get a spark from this.

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    Very sad to know that the samadhi of Raja Raja Cholan is ruined and any government which were in power all these years never cared to up keep it. In India the modern rulers want to keep their own statues even though they are alive and here is the great King who shook the entire India in those days with his fighting skill and architectural marvels which are the most astonishing fact and even the Britishers were awe struck those days. Shame on the part of ASI which is not even concerned about such valuable monuments which are getting destroyed either through nature vagaries or through human negligence.
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    I cannot believe that the resting place of the famous Chola King is in ruins. People flock to see the Brihadeshwara Temple in Thanjavur which is around 42 Kms away from this place Udaiyalur. Udiayalur is also very close to the capital of the capital of the Chola Kingdom. Someone for that area or familiar with the history of the Chola King can shed more light. My brief search on the internet yielded similar questions, while the villagers firmly believe, some experts do seem to question the final resting place.

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    Please see the link (of Tamil Nadu Tourism). The accompanying photo tells everything:-

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    Partha, the link you provided at #627095 is not a blog of Tamilnadu Tourism department as suggested by you. Would this feature at that appeared in 'The Hindu' be more reliable and balanced than the one at

    I can provide more links but since providing links to external sources is not generally permitted, I am not resorting to the same.

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    I have already read the article which has been mentioned. In my opinion, the article in Hindu only describes the opinion of the author. Why should we give undue importance to the opinion of an author?

    {Response edited. Address members by their ISC username only, as it appears in their posts at the site.}

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    #627127, which is the response you are referring to? In case you are referring to mine, I must say that you are taking things too far and I have every right to feel offended because I consider it an act of intrusion into my privacy and is therefore questionable. Please be careful to remain within permissible limits of sarcasm, if I may say so.

    If the article in the Hindu, a reputed newspaper, by a columnist cannot be considered as reliable, is the article in 'hinduhistory' on which you have based your thread reliable? Partha, please do not try to authenticate a point which has not been established unless you are sure about the same.

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    Sorry, I missed the last response earlier.

    1.'' is the article in 'hinduhistory' on which you have based your thread reliable? ''-Can I interpret it as the author's deep aversion to anything related to Hindu culture?

    2. Does the Hindu newspaper have same reliability which it had thirty years ago? I have serious doubt.

    3. If someone wants to have privacy, he/she should not proudly proclaim his/her association with ISC in other social media platform.

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    The link given is not the official website of Tamilnadu Tourism Development Corporation. The Archeological Department would have taken steps to preserve it in mint condition, had it been established that it is the samadhi site of Raja Raja Chola. The temples built by the Chola dynasty are well preserved by the Archeological Department.
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    Yes, as the author mentioned, I too have seen a picture that keep forwarded in social media, stating that, it is the samadhi of Raja Raja Chola. It is sad to see that picture. It also brings us the thought, what is life, if no respect had been given after death. But it is also mentioned in other tamil literature that kings, who die naturally or in war will only be properly buried and continued to do respects.

    Raja Raja Chola is a great King, who had given importance to Tamil literature, saved the Nayanmar's songs from getting destroyed in Thillai Nadarajar Temple. He also encouraged poets to write about all his deeds, considering them as history in future. But, no accurate details of his death was noted in any of the literature that was specifically talked about his administration and kingdom. It means, his death was neither natural, nor in war. From that it was concluded that he was murdered. Since there is no literature evidence, no one can agree that the shiva lingam(in the picture) is the place of Raja Raja Chola's samadhi.

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    I spent some time last night trying to search the internet for further details

    1.There is no links or statements from ASI or any properly documented findings authenticated

    2.There are many blogspots that discuss a lot about how he could have died.

    3.Apart from the possibility of his unnatural death, there are views that he was cremated.

    4.In ancient Tamil history, 'Pallipadai' would be a place where a Shiva temple would be constructed on the cemetery of a departed King. The finding of the Lingam revived the debate regarding the final resting place.

    5., this is one spot which mentions about the efforts taken by people to look into the claims.

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    #627211, you have taken your usual path regarding your points at 1 and 2. I have nothing more to say if you rely more on Hindureports than The Hindu (luckily for me, both have Hindu in them). It is ridiculous that when you have the liberty to raise a thread based on some blog, I am being questioned by you on the authority of my response.
    Regarding point number 3, I think you need to feel ashamed to make such a claim even when you know that you have not done the right thing. Where and what I share in the virtual world is my personal choice and sharing an information related to me without my permission is a crime. Please do not involve yourself in such activities.

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    1. Some months ago, a Member of ISC openly indicated my residential address on this platform. Did you advise the Member not to do this? No. You remained silent.

    2. Coming to the main issue, although I have not visited the place, I feel that the village is very near to the erstwhile capital of Chola kings. So, the Samadhi can be located in the village. When someone denies everything without presenting the evidence in his/her support, it proves that such person is not open to logic or evidence.

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    So what? It was in a different context. Do not try to confuse and mislead. Whatever be the case, I did not like the way you intruded my private space and I have raised the issue so that you keep it in mind.

    Partha, you are repeating the same stand without any additional inputs as usual. I am off the thread. Please do not raise such threads unless you are sure that you would be able to substantiate your stand with valid points in the wake of questions or dissenting views without solely relying on blogs or interested reports.

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    Hello and hello again...let's get things into perspective here. Six months ago or whenever it was I put PART of your residential address on ISC at your insistence because you spent the whole morning (or was it the whole day) in trying to get the internet to prove that you stayed in Delhi. Your argument then was that the internet should not be trusted because it couldn't prove that you resided in New Delhi. That being said, I'd like to add that your argument was as pointless then, as it is now.

    Your address is not something that you had shared with me so do not make it appear that it was a breach of trust – it is not the net and was posted to prove your distasteful banter to be wrong. What you couldn't scour through your arduous searches, I did in the blink of an eye.

    Anyone can Google your name and your entire history recorded on the web is available for them to see – including your address and a lot more.

    The link that you shared is a blog post. How reliable can a blog post be? Here are the details of the blogger - . Incidentally, he resides in Pondicherry.

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    Ms. Juana: I didn't/don't have any objection to your mentioning my residential address. But the ISC management should have objected to it. The rule/instruction should be uniform in every case.

    #627234 : I submit that I would write whatever I feel like. I would not curtail my subjects of writing to suit the agenda of anyone including the Editors.

    Further, I have posted this thread after going through at least ten articles on the issue. Most of the articles state that the Samadhi of Raja Raja Chola is at Udayalur village. Even the local people firmly believe it. Why should I believe an article published in a newspaper run by a confirmed Communist, who never misses the opportunity to belittle India in every platform?

    Finally, before mocking my articles/posts, why don't you prove with archaeological evidence that Raja Raja Chola's Samadhi is NOT located at Udayalur? Come on, prove it.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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