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    Do you know how to whistle with fingers?

    Whistling is an art. Since ages, people whistle to attract birds or kids or any pet animal. It is used to indicate something secretly or became a language to communicate one to another person. In a program or cinema theatre it is common to hear some high pitch whistling. There are types of whistling, one that easily can be done by rounding our lips while blowing the air. The other one is high pitch whistle that can be done with keeping two fingers underneath of tongue and blow the air strongly.

    Since teenage I was very attracted with the high pitch whistling but I could never done it correctly. Still, with lips whistling I can sing any song perfectly but could not able to mastered the high pitch whistling. When me and my friends used to go to Cinema hall, the other friends used to whistle and I was just thrilled to do that. Unfortunately, it was unsuccessful for me.

    I know this thread may bring nostalgia to some member. However, it will be interesting to know how many of us know to whistle high pitch with using fingers.

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    True. Whistling is an art. I too tried my best to learn but failed. The whistling you are talking about is a low grade art which is performed by low class people. Only a loafer will whistle with finger in their mouth, but a gentleman will never perform such art.
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    Really? I did't know. All right Sun, let's see what other member have to say. Keep it tune with this thread, I will come back to you later.

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    Deleted being duplicate.
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    I am feeling very ashamed to admit that this was one of my biggest inabilities. I could never manage this art of whistling during my entire life. I used to feel very jealous of my friends who could whistle and sing songs by whistling.
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    Yes those who can whistle in the crowd is considered as the best male in those days. Whistling is the art and not every one is familiar with it. When you are watching movie and some challenging scenes comes, the fans would encourage and support the hero with hooting and whistle. Just join thump and pointed finger to make it look like zero. . Fold your tongue towards up and put the fingers beneath the tongue and release the air pressure with your utmost strength so that strong whistle sound can be heard to gather every ones attention. If you can whistle well you will have many followers.
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    yes whistling is an art which is helpful to give signals and for making fun. It is also misused to bullying the girls by some people. it also used for cheering and enjoying.

    I have also seen that many of high class people don't like whistling and they feel it as not a good thing. One thing by calling a taxi with the help of whistle is the most beautiful thing.

    Yes it needs some time to learn it. actually I learned it for a girl in my school days. because she told me that I am unable to do it. but I made it and showed it . It is one of my memories.

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    I can't whistle by keeping the fingers under the tongue. But I can whistle by controlling my lips and controlling the air movement.generally, people feel whistling is not a good habit. My father always used to scold us if we try to practice whistling.
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    I studied in a school where only boys were allowed in high school classes. We had some 'super seniors' whom we had some hero worship. They used to 'teach' us many pranks and tricks peculiar to boys in those days. Whistling was one of them. But I could not master the art, though I could produce some whistling noise. I also somehow self-learned to make flute like voice using my lip.

    However whistling was not considered as a respectable act and behaviour then. Even the flute like sounding was also discouraged at home. Hence by and by I lost the charm in whistling, until , much later I saw someone using whistling to conduct a full session in Carnatic music. So I revived my ability. Now (as Jeet Sing also mentioned) I can sing any song which I know by whistling using lips as if it is rendered by a flute.

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    Whistling with fingers is an art I must say, not everyone can do. The first thing you try it doing, keeping two of your fingers in your mouth and then thinking the air would get in and we would be able to do it.
    I have whistled sometimes in a normal manner, but using the fingers one never tried. But surely that would be the best way to hoot and perfectly noisy.

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    I was ok few years back, just tried now, got a dull flat noise rather than a whistle!

    Many types of whistling were being practiced during our college days. Another way of getting a loud whistle is by using the index and middle finger of each hand at each corner of the mouth.

    However, I like the simple soft whistle that you control and modulate with just tongue and the lips by blowing out or sucking in air. There are some classic English movie tracks with whistling, Clint Eastwood movies had these whistling that suited the scene or movie part very well.

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    Whistling is definitely an art and I am very bad at whistling with my lips. Sometimes sound comes and sometimes only the air comes. I have tried whistling even with my fingers and yes I could whistle with my fingers. And I learnt it with a great difficulty. But the sound is never too high. Only a person sitting close to me can hear the sound.

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    Wow, a fun filled thread. As Mr SUN mentioned, many people things the same way. May be Dr. Rao's dad also would have felt the same way, that is why he did not let his son practice whistling. But I personally feel that art is art. No art can be classified as low or high. Each is unique in its way.

    It is a blow of air from mouth using fingers. If the same can be done with a wooden stick, then people see it as flute music.

    When there are people liking Carnatic, there are fans for gaana music too.

    Some people classify whistling to be done by boys and girls should not try. But, I do. Yes, like Sushma said, the whistle sound will be very less to me also, and only people besides me could hear. My friend, who is a fan of Maddy, wanted to show her love for the hero by whistling while watching his movie. She bought a whistle to the theatre and she did it. I find them all funny and nothing to blame at all.

    Thanks to the author for bringing up such a thread, that brings happy memories. Most mischievous things in our life are most remembered by us.

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    Nice to see that some members took interested to reply to this thread and also brought out their own experience. Almost everyone had said that whistling is an art. Now how come you categorise an art? May be for some it looks bad and it mean for lower grade people but after reading the replies, I don't think it is so cheap to whistle.

    So, only Sun has found that it is for lower grade people. However, I see it as an art which not many can mastered it. An art is art whether it is for lower grade or upper grade.

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    I still claim that whistling by inserting fingers inside the mouth is an act performed by low class people.
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    In cinema halls, only the audience sitting in lower class would whistle, never the audience from balcony or higher classes. This is a perfect example to prove my claim
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    Sun, your response no #627039 you said - The whistling you are talking about is a low grade art which is performed by low class people. Only a loafer will whistle with finger in their mouth, but a gentleman will never perform such art.

    after reading the above response you changed it in response no- 627191.

    I have seen people whistling in during cricket match at stadium. And we all know how much it cost to buy a ticket. So does that mean they are all loafer and lower class people.

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    After reading the last para of response #627265, I feel the new author is an old author in a new form who has a misunderstanding of the past events at ISC. Who the guy are you vkew.....kweb?

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