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    Is it the success of spinners or wicket-keeper Dhoni

    We have won the ODI series against South Africa. I was happy with the spinners doing their job so well like Chahal and Kuldeep Yadav. However, when I gone through some videos online, I found a totally different story.

    It was the wicket keeper Dhoni who was the main artist behind these spinners. When the spinners were getting hit, still Dhoni was guiding them how to bowl to the particular batsman. Or how the batsman going to play the different kind of bowl. Accordingly he was guiding the bowler to bowl to a particular batsman. The most amazing part is the trick most of the time favoured to both Dhoni and Spinner. Bowler has really bowled well but indeed it was the hard work which was done by Dhoni.

    What would you say about it?
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    Really Dhoni is doing a lot of mentoring to the young spinners. During the last T20 match also I have seen during the live telecast of the match Dhoni was talking to the bowlers and advising them about the bowling to the individual player. With his rich experience in the game and having an opportunity of watching the batsman from behind the wickets, he is really doing a good job in advising these new players. More than the present Captain the wicketkeeper is guiding them in bowling. The credit goes to both the spinners as well as to Dhoni who is responsible for making them bowl correctly. The SA India ODI series was won by India. Mainly the contributions from Captain Kohli in getting the runs, the spinners in getting the wickets and Dhoni in guiding the spinners properly for a good performance. However, it is a team victory and every player should be congratulated for their performance.
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    I have been noticing for the last seven-eight years that Dhoni has been mentoring many players. As a wicket-keeper, he remains in the best position to understand batsmen's weaknesses and with a cool mind, he has been guiding the new spinners to bowl to exploit the weakness. He also mentored medium-pace and swing bowlers like Bhuvaneshwar Kumar, Shami and many others. Even, till now, he advises Virat Kohli, the present Captain, in the field.
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    What the author said is right. The wicket keeper would have the direct observation of what the batsman is doing and even his small mistake is identified and passed on to the bowlers with some sort of signals. And if the bowler responds to wicket keeper tips, surely there could be break through either, a stumps out, catch, or some hook shot which may result in catch or even run out. So whether a wicket keeper is a captain or not, all the bowler are bound to listen and follow his tip for their success and ultimately the teams success. And thanks to Dhoni for guiding our spinners to achieve their success.
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    It is the experience of MS Dhoni, that has guided the new talent (spinners) to perform well. Dhoni's presence of mind and ability to effect a fall of wicket or a run out when the opposition is batting well is well known. There are many good examples of how Dhoni has marshaled the bowlers in the past. To me, one the best is the 2013 ICC championship final (India vs England). India scored only 129 but Dhoni waved his magic using the bowlers to restrict England and go on to win the ICC trophy.

    The worth of seniority is the experience the players gain and more importantly how they use it like Dhoni, to effect changes, to secure success. There are many reports of Dhoni's behind the screen ( wicket) contribution for the success of Indian team under Virat Kohli.

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