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    "India among the bottom five countries in Environmental Performance Index."

    The Environmental Performance Index(EPI) is a report jointly produced by the 'Yale University' and the 'Columbia University' in collaboration with 'World Economic Forum'. The report of EPI for the year 2018 ranks India at 177 out of 180 countries. This ranking indicates the necessity of a nation to take immediate and appropriate measures to contain the air pollution. The deaths due to PM 2.5 have increased to 16,40,113 annually over a decade according to the Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation Report of 2017. PM 2.5 refers to atmospheric particulate matter (PM) that have a diameter of less than 2.5 micrometers. This is about 3% the diameter of a human hair. These particles are very light and stay in the atmosphere for a long time. The mad rush for economic growth of the country is one of the reasons for this situation. The economic growth depends on industrial development which results in atmospheric pollution. The abnormal pollution levels are also due to our indifference. The Government of India formulated a 'National Clean Air Programme' to tackle this. The initiatives of the Government alone are not sufficient. The support from the public also plays a vital role in containing air pollution. It is high time for us decide on our well being to the rapid industrialization. The proponents of economic growth may not accept but what is the use without health?
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    It is a very serious issue. Our country is in the last five group? It is high time that we give serious thought about this. The increase in the content of particulate matter in the air is very dangerous and to be taken seriously. Perhaps, this is the price we are giving to development.
    Development ignoring the environment where we are living will lead to such situations. One major issue we always forget is preserving trees and water bodies. Forest is something we are ignoring. Preserving forest is the most important thing which we should not forget. A forest not only clear the air, but also help water conservation. Every Indian must have this in mind, then we can bring down the atmospheric particulate matter.


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    The citizens of the country are not felt the responsibility of controlling the pollution. They are worried about their individual profits and benefits. For the present state of affairs, every Indian Citizen is responsible. Development is required for the country. But at what cost. The regulatory authorities never act tough with the people who are violating the norms. The increase in the particulate matter is to be controlled otherwise the air pollution problem will become much more serious. Deforestation is the main culprit. Leaving the effluents into the atmosphere without treating properly is the main reason for the increase in the Particulate matter. Many manufacturing Organisation will have scrubbers for treating the air pollutants but are not maintained properly with adsorbing and absorbing material circulation in the scrubbers. This is like ATMs without main which will not serve any purpose. Water reservoirs are being closed for urbanisation and creating concrete jungles. Trees are cut and none bothers for planting the trees. This problem is to be taken as a serious issue and the situation to be brought under control.
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    Some time back, I raised a thread about air pollution and related deaths where the figures were too high to beleive. 18,00,000 deaths in 2015 in India due to Air pollution.
    This thread indicates a worsening of the situation, being in the top five most polluted countries is something that needs a drastic action.
    The Government and we(the people) are also equally responsible to improve our environment (air,water and noise pollution) rapidly. Whatever the Government does, we should also be aware of the environment and the implications of our own greed that is destroying the green cover at an alarming rate.The programs for reducing air pollution should be implemented strictly with more stringent measures.
    In my view, the biggest offenders are the lorries, public sector buses, factories, burning wood and post harvest stalks cultivation fields. If we can tackle this on a war footing, then we have some chance.

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    The importance should be on whether & how much we have contributed in order for the overall situation to have increased. It's always too easy to criticize others but raising finger & directing towards ourselves & asking simultaneously about our report card along with the grades that we are given. What I mean is shouldn't we also be concern with our performance or just moving the responsibility on another side. As per author raising the issue is quite admiration of but we also need to take of our actions too which might not be happening..

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    The developing countries who are having a large population are especially going through this ordeal as it is difficult for any Govt to control the side effects of industrial developments in such a crowded place. Citizens role is equally important but they can be of help only in minimising the domestic and society born pollutions.

    The main cause of concern is industrial one where many illegal manufacturing activities are rampantly followed to make finished goods from the old and used up toxic materials. The poor user is totally ignorant of these industrial poisons which are slowly and gradually entering our households in great proportions.

    The way out seems to be very difficult, though not impossible, through the strict governance and tough regulations for punishing the errant persons and is the only hope in the dark of already polluted environment.

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    Keep aside the so called report aside. We are coming across the worst air pollution in Delhi and other North Indian cities which is more than alarming. May be the report be true.
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    In the future this is going to be a serious issue in our country. This report card tells it everything and we need to take effective steps to curb this pollution. Joint efforts are needed from every people to cooperate and use the dustbins properly.
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    In my son's school for a month, the children we made to do projects on the environment. The class teacher had a different approach, the children were made to have a paper brown cover in the school bags and put the rubbish what they generate in class ( except lunchtime) to take home and then decide how the dispose them correctly instead of just throwing around in the class. So he now brings, paper bits, pencil sharpener waste, chocolate covers all and then puts them in the correct bags at home.
    If we follow simple things like this at all levels right from an individual to the entire Government in doing it's share we can make a difference.

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    As per my understanding and observation, we Indian cannot raise and get into the double figure index from 177. We feel it as a birth right to live in dirty and polluted environment. Had we been under the British, we could have remained on the top of the environment index. Alas! our liberty and freedom after 1947 has made us liberal to be at the bottom of the environmental index. It is very difficult to clean up our environment and stop polluting the earth, the sky, the air and the water bodies. Only the fire remains unpolluted to some extent.
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