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    Singapore gives 14k bonus to its people from surplus budget, while we wait for our 15 lac

    A real case of 'owner's pride, neighbour's envy'.
    Since the 2014 election, innocent and naive Indians wait for the 'promised' 15 lac rupees to each one's account. The situation as it stands today inour country is that black money which had gone out of the country has not come, but add on that banks are cheated and defaulters flee the country one by one taking our white legal money too.

    In such a context,it stirs envy in us when we read a news headlines like "Singapore Budget 2018: Adult Singaporeans to get SG Bonus of up to $300 after $9.6b budget surplus" ; or "Singapore to pay bonus to all citizens after surplus budget"(Hindustan Times)

    The news report dated 19 Feb 2018 further states that "Finance minister Heng Swee Keat made the announcement during his budget speech in Parliament, describing the bonus as a "hongbao", the Mandarin word for a monetary gift given on special occasions.".

    We can only sigh because we also have heard about many Diwali Gifts from government. So, for the time being let us be 'happy and satisfied' with envy on Singaporeans.
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    Recently, the Tamil movie Merasal, has a remark about low GST and free healthcare in Singapore.
    Some true facts about Singapore, a relatively small country. It has the most powerful passport in the world, they can travel to around 159 countries without visa/visa on arrival. It also ranks well in terms of a loyal workforce and happy working conditions. Singapore also ranks in the top 5 slots with the best Governments in the world.
    It ranks around 7th in the least corrupt countries.
    So no surprise sir, that the Government is giving bonuses to people. To be fair any Government in India cannot give such a payout as we would always be in deficit.

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    In India, middle class finances both the subsidies being paid to the poor classes and made to pay taxes/cesses at enhanced rates for compensating the losses incurred by the Government through cheating by the elite class like bank scammers, industrialists and many top professionals like doctors, lawyers, CAs, architects etc.

    Surprisingly enough, we still enjoy discussing such matters though it has happened perennially. The ruling class has always exploited the ruled one, be they Nadir Shah or Narendra Modi.

    In a democratic set up, one gets power only by winning an election, which requires a lot of money to buy/influence the voters. The wealthier class finances elections in lieu of favors later.

    Irrespective of being envious or not compared to Singaporeans, our situation is not going to change.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    For the first time in the history we are hearing that a country has the surplus budget and paid back the remaining amount or distributed the remaining amount to the public and thereby registering a practice that when a government can collect tax liberally , it can also pay back liberally. In India we have never heard about surplus budget either at the state or at the central level. But I can understand the happiness of the Singaporeans on this issue as they seems to be sincere tax payers and their behaviour has been paid off now. May be our PM Modi pondering over his promise and may announce one night suddenly. Keep your bank accounts under watch.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Surplus budget is worse than deficit budget. Some economists think that surplus budget signifies stagnation of the economy. Economists generally prefer that the deficit must be contained within 3% of the total outlay. That budget is generally called ideal/good budget.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Singapore is a very small country and it may not be even a size of our smallest state. So the governance will be definitely better than elsewhere. The Singapore literacy rate is very high when compared to our country. Ther people will understand what is good and bad. As explained above getting a passport is very difficult there. Another important issue there is chances of evading tax or eating away bank money is very difficult as their systems and rules are different. So in India, whether it is good or bad, we can't expect any gifts from the government.There are subsidies free bucks and scholarships to some financially backward people. But a middle-class person is always suffering here. If the taxes are getting increasing that itself can be treated as a big gift in this country. All parties will be having the habit of making many promises as formality for winning the elections. No one should take them seriously and we can't question anybody here in our country. This is the gift given by the great people of India.
    always confident

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