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    How authors select topics for raising new threads in the forum section?

    In the forum section of ISC, we see many new threads raised on day to day basis. Many authors raise more than one thread also almost on daily basis though few others are very selective and raise a new thread only once in a while. It prompted me to think about as to from where the authors get idea to select a topic for raising a new thread.

    As far as I could notice selecting a theme from a news item / current affairs topic currently being broadcasted in the media like television, internet resources, print media etc. appears to be the main source of inspiration. However, perhaps few authors get inspired by the threads raised in the forum section of ISC by other authors also.

    What are your observations in this regard?
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    For me I am more vigilant and keen observer. If any news that comes to me which is interesting and co relate to my experience, I shall share the same. After all when a discussion takes place on the common and pertinent problems faced by the public, the members also connect with the topic easily and append their views. For me raising a thread is so easy that I can go for a positive mode or even the negative mode of the subject. One thing is sure I wont share anything which hurts others but wont spare any views or matter which bothers the public. That way I have been sharing the threads since more than 8 years now. One more thing when you get up early in the morning , the mind would be fresh to rewind what ever has happened in the last 24 hours and what ever seen with the naked eyes the last day. So that can be shared and debated.
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    As far as I am concerned, matters which concern me, matters which make me feel curious, matters which I am myself not clear about (so as to try to form an opinion from opinions of other people), matters which I think important enough to be discussed on a public platform, become main sources of inspiration for raising new threads in the forum section.

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    My main source of information for posting a new thread is mainly newspapers. While going through the newspaper daily in morning I feel some new are worth to post here for the knowledge of the members and to share their views. Then when I come to the site, if that matter was not posted until that time, I will post my thread. Similarly, an important event is there on that day and no thread tll then on the site, I will try to make a post. Sometimes I will be searching the google for some information related to my job. During such search If I find anything interesting, I will try to share it through the forum section.
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    Seriously speaking, I board with "politics" and why some one is arrogant/jealous/aggressive/ kind of threads. I feel we need to put something fresh to breath in ISC forum. Yet, we can find related to politics where we put our opinion according to our favoured political party. If this is continue and we do not come with fresh Ideas, the forum will only become dull. Yes, the ISC forum is the section where we need to post our opinion or daily thought but why we should bring the same topics or thoughts again and again? Does our mind does not think beyond politics? Sometimes I feel, we are advertising for different political party to get them help for the next General election!

    However, my personal thinking is different, I always try to bring some fresh thread. What I get the experience in daily, I brought out time to time. Apart from them, I avoid as much as possible taking content from any kind of media. Yes, I go through different kind of sites, I look for interesting topic, view it from my point and try to bring out new content about it. May be that is why I can not post so many thread in a day. Whenever I post a thread, I personally feel that it should look new and fresh.

    There have been so much written in the internet and the title may match with any older topic but bringing the new content from it is nothing so difficult. You just need to exercise your mind to get the new content.

    After all what we providing new if the same content which running in TV or news paper daily?

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    I am not regular in posting forum threads at ISC. The few forum threads posted by me are based on what I read, what I see and what I listen to most of the news channels, newspapers, and books. Sometimes from the responses of the members in the forum also some threads are posted by me. The current affairs interest me the most. I personally feel the level of responses motivate the level of threads raised.
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    Raising a thread is easy, there are so many topics that we can think of or come across.But the problem for me is raising a thread that is relevant and meaningful. This needs skill and an analytical thought process. The next difficulty I face is how to word the title and the content so that it conveys the meaning and is not confusing. The last is how to limit the content.

    I keep a look out when I read papers or be online and find some issues that I feel is appropirate for the forum. Some are good in politics, some in creative writing, yet some more in life issues, so we have a presence of members with a varied preferences that workout well for the forum.

    I feel it is important to have members responding to the thread regularly because, apart from points, it indirectly implies that you have read the thread, thought about it and added your inputs. Presence of new faces, new ideas in the forum is important because the average human mind runs out of ideas soon and the same old topics keep cropping up. Some new thoughtful threads about sexuality. life/death have been posted by a new member which is
    what the forum needs, a change.

    Recently, I raised a thread about commercialization of neighborhoods, it was just based on a simple mention of the issues that couple of neighbor's and their daughters faced. Thinking about it, I realized how much things have changed and it became a thread.

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