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    The son and daughter assets details should also be revealed when a candidate want to contest ?

    As of today the EC seeks the details of assets owned by the contesting candidate only through their sworn affidavits. But our political leaders have been "managing" the details by having the properties either in their family name, friends or their acquaintances. Probably the EC may consider and demand a sworn affidavit giving the details of assets also owned by the candidate's wife, sons or daughters and thus after coming to the power the corrupt practices can be gauged and punished. Can we expect sincere revelations of such details by our politicians of any party in the future ?
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    The contesting candidate is required to provide the details of his family members assets and source of income to the Election Commission. Once the details are given, they are bound by that affidavit.
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    Why this doubt because a small child of a politician is having crores of rupees in bank balance and that gives credence to the issue.
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    As far as my knowledge goes the contesting candidate has to give the details of assets of all his family members. That is why recently the AP chief Minister announced his assets along with the details of his wife, son, daughter in law and grandson. These details will be given through sworn in Affidavit only. But there is no necessity of giving the details of his parents, brothers and sisters. If there is an intention of accumulating the money there will be many ways. First of all, the person should have the morals and should not think of making money in unfair ways. Otherwise, there will be many loopholes in the system. That is what we are all seeing today in the society.
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    An interesting thought, the SC ruling implies assets of the person, their spouses and associates to be declared. If anyone has a huge amount of assets in the name of children, they should be guardians for the accounts or would be flagged up when the primary name is being verified.
    There are examples of politicians whose wealth has increased more than 10 fold in a short period of time. Apart from declaration, the Government should ensure transparency at all levels as far as the accounts of the people linked to the candidates are concerned.
    Any excess wealth should automatically trigger an explanation and expulsion if not accounted in the appropriate manner.
    The problem I see is 'who is going to enforce these rules', politicians will have a way around rules and unless it comes out in the open, all their inappropriate wealth will be secure with them.

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