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    Unhealthy trend of ads - unacceptable distractions, visual annoyances

    With the internet, the beauty is the information and matter are at the tip of the hands. It is easily available and often free of cost (apart from internet charges that one has to pay).

    Now almost any website we regularly visit has big ads placed, obvious colours that are hurting to the visual perception we have, sometimes large ads that are distracting with provocative images ( Singles online, dating ads).

    Pop-ups have become expanding visual distractions, some sites do not allow you proceed unless you read the content or click on the ad at least 1-2 times. Some ads have loud music and bright colour images or semi-clad model images that change at a very rapid pace. It worse with mobile apps.

    Nothing comes free and websites need to generate revenue, this fact is understood. Are they overdoing it? I see a day not far away wherein the viewer would just change to another way of getting information and the site loses it's visitor numbers. For instance, I used to check the price of shares from some websites but it was so disturbing that I just google now (with a little more inconvenience).

    (the title is a little longer, Request our ME to edit if she has a better suggestion).
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    Whatever business we do, we expect a profit. So we will try to see that we will get maximum benefit from our business or work. This is the normal tendency. That point will hold good here also. Not only in websites, even in newspapers and TVs these days we find more advertisements only. Earlier days if we see the first page of the newspaper only important news will be there and in a corner, there may be an advertisement. But these days on many days the newspaper comes with full-page advertisements on the cover page, second page, last but one page and the lost page. Even on TV, a 130 minutes Movie will be shown for 200 minutes with many cuts in the actual movie. More than half-time will go for advertisements only. In the same way, as the internet users are increasing the advertisements are also increasing. We have to tolerate this. There is no other option as to date.
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    Pl. note that we in India have been using Charcoal and Neem since ages, but it was Colgate who came and told to use paste instead of Neem and Charcoal to keep teeth and mouth clean ...". This contradicts the multinational's earlier claim that abrasive products can spoil tooth enamel. In one of the earlier advertisements when Colgate was trying to convert charcoal users to tooth powder, the company had launched a commercial that hogged prime time space on Doordarshan. In the advertisement when a bodybuilder asks his sister-in-law, understandably in a village, to bring him some "doodh-badam" and "koyla" (charcoal), she immediately retorts: " Arre wah devarji, badan ke liye doodh-badaam, aur daaton ke liye koyla? (Wow! a health drink for the body but charcoal for the teeth?)". A voice-over then prods viewers to use Colgate tooth powder because "khurdare padaarth" (abrasive substances) can spoil enamel -the outermost covering of the teeth.

    The people need to know that big brand doesn't mean quality & useful because the company does business for profit * not for the social well being. The same is the case of "Fair & Lovely" for man by a famous celebrity.

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    Now a days even manufacturing companies are feeling easy and acceptable to market online and have their mall on the internet and thus over the period of time the Internet has become so crowded that our browsing takes time citing reasons for much traffic and try after some times. So this demand has been cashed by companies and manufacturers who know that International customers are also possible and thus hoist ads of different colours and different sizes. I do agree advertisement is the source of income for the browsers but that should not be at the cost of our viewing pleasure and the work should not hamper. Time and again I made a complaint to our web master also that being the first member to respond to many posts in ISC, I find the gif ads coming up just above this writing box would hamper our writing ability and speed and some times the mouse does not move at all. This is the real problem Google must abstain to hoist gif and video ads above this box.
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    Natarajan, you said it in the title and that means the aim of those who place advertisements on websites have been met. Advertisements generally, and those being displayed on websites, are aimed at attracting viewers. Keeping the possibility of the users not paying attention to the ads or clicking on them, the advertisers create them in such a way that we tend to notice them either because we are distracted or are annoyed or feel irritated. Pop-up ads are no doubt irritating but more irritating, I feel, are the ones that start playing once we move the mouse above them which are most of the time inadvertent and that is exactly what they need. See, ads on the net are aimed at grossing revenue rather than for selling or promotion of goods and so they create and place them in such a way that their purpose is served.

    **Out of context- I doubt whether any of those who posted the responses above have gone through the contents of the thread.

    'Any fool can know. The point is to understand."- Albert Einstein

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    Some websites overdo this. I agree. But some websites purely rely on the ad revenue to sustain and we can't blame them. Although I feel sometimes the ads are annoying, most of the times I use Adblocker extension for my browsers. Visual annoyance and disturbance problem are solved. But nowadays the webmasters have become smart. They are coding their websites in such a way that if a user has adblocker, there will be browsing restriction banner stating "Please disable adblocker to navigate this website". Does this mean that we are being forcefully fed with these ads? Well, the answer is Yes and No. Both are valid.
    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

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    Advertisements are really inevitable for business enhancement as well a good mediater between producer and consumer. But the same should be meaningful and practical. In one recent soap advertisement, mother calling her son as 'yov' but in no house mother calls like this.
    In another toothpaste advertisement, a child offered sweets by grand parents. Mother by seeing this with happy but tells with shrunken face as she worries much by considering cavity. This indicates that her worry raised because of the grand parents love and their sweets.

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