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    Are we, the people of India, mature enough for a democracy?

    Are, WE, the people of India, mature enough for a democracy? A very pertinent question has been put forward by the author. As the Preamble of our Constitution amply makes it clear that the power to govern the state lies with the people of India (through the elected representatives), do we take our responsibility seriously? Do we make it a point to select the best candidate in the fray and also to follow up whether he is acting effectively as our representative? Let us consider all related points and discuss the issue rationally and also suggest possible solutions in this thread.

    Democracy is the rule of the people. The people elect the representatives from among themselves to govern the country. In effect, it is a Government by the people and for the people. The majority will rule the country. Elections are the process through which the representatives will be elected by the people constituency wise. The election of appropriate representatives for good governance is the most important factor in a democracy.

    India is the largest democratic country in the world by virtue of its population. The Indian democracy is considered to be the best by the way the elections are conducted every five years and the peaceful transfer of power. Now the questions that remain to be answered are, whether the people of India are electing eligible candidates or not? Whether we know what our obligations are for the effective running of the elected government?

    In our country, we have a multi-party system from which we elect the representatives. The political parties select the candidates by judging the pulse of the people for a winning candidate. The criteria for measuring our maturity to elect a good government depends on the casting of vote by all the eligible voters for choosing the best among the contesting candidates irrespective of religion, region and caste. After the elections are over and the government is formed, does the public take interest in how the government is functioning and how it is fulfilling the promises made by the parties during the election canvassing.

    Members, express your opinions by considering all the points mentioned above as to whether we are mature enough for a democracy?
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    No doubt our democracy is for the people, by the people and of the people. But maturity in voters is not present and they are easily brought by freebies on the penultimate day of the elections. Though good candidates are the need of the hour, but who is giving them a chance as the good candidates cannot contest due to lack of funds and without spending none can win. Many a time we fail to elect the right representatives and curse ourselves for sending wrong persons to assembly and parliament. What I suggest that the youth must come forward and change the entire election process. They must contest election and fight through free social media coverage and hoist their elections speeches on social media. One such attempt must be made to bring in fear for rotten political leaders who often take us for ride.
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    In my frank opinion, neither we are mature enough at present for democracy, nor there is any possibility of becoming mature enough in near future.

    The people who have capability of evaluating the merits of the candidates have generally surrendered to the fate and are not actively participating in the electoral process.

    The caste based reservation system has resulted in formation of caste based political parties e.g. Samajwadi Party and Bahujan Samaj Party in Uttar Pradesh.

    People are blindly following retired movie stars by electing them as their leaders.

    Political leaders like Lalu Prasad Yadav have nerves to threatens the country while he himself is behind the bars in a corruption case.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    It may look hilarious but the fact is that many of us are mature enough for living in a democracy but those who are leading the public are not mature enough and doing all sort of manipulation to grab the political positions and are hand in gloves with the bureaucracy resulting in bad governance.

    It is very interesting to note that those politicians who are corrupt and make money through the bureaucratic channels, pay bribes to the same bureaucrats later when their political career is over.

    There is nothing wrong in a democratic system, the problem is lack of good governance.

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    I feel the majority of Indian Voters are not matured enough for a democracy. The importance of the vote is not known to many of the citizens. Unfortunately who are matured enough to understand what is good and what is bad don't find time to go and vote. Even they have some time also they don't feel like going and use their voting power as none of the candidates are perfect. so the people who go for voting will decide the candidate based on various points which are no way connected to testify the candidate's worth as a leader to lead them. So the people who are getting elected will make during their tenure as they may get the seat again or not. Even though they get the seat they may get elected or not is also not known. Some voters are happy with what they received from the contestants one day before and forget about them for the next five years. As such, I feel the Indian voters are not matured enough to select their leaders. To get the awareness about that somebody has done a lot of exercises and see that the voters will get the knowledge.
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    I would say we are balance in it. Some people blindly follow some political party and they voted for them, yet some people think before they vote for any party. If we were not balance in it, we would not have seen changing government in different state and in General elections. Whether one believe or not but Indian voters are no more fool. They know who and why to vote it. The government they select if they fail to do any progress, will going to lose their vote and support and I am not talking about only Congress or BJP. Any political party who will do good for the country will be selected for the next General election.

    As we are talking about manipulating or brainwash by political party, these are all just nothing but our own assumptions. Yet there are section of people who normally vote for only some particular political party otherwise people are now aware whom to support and whom not. Above all the youth of our country are better knowledgeable than our previous generation (who actually vote only seeing the symbol of party).

    So, I don't see any big issue in India's democracy.

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    Maturity is a major point in selecting the rulers. Maturity is not simply by age. One must be mature enough to choose the correct candidate who would lead the country towards success. A voter must take his/ her own decision after considering various aspects involved. No candidate should influence a voter using money or other favours. Religion should not play any role in political election. All political parties must announce their plans and policies sufficiently in detail among the voters. Electioneering should be restricted to propagating each party's policies. It should not be an occasion for abusing the opposing candidates. Disciplined voting system must be guaranteed. With all these if a democratic election is conducted a true democratic government can be expected.
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    We got our democracy after paying a big price now we are paying again for not ensuring the quality of democracy.

    Exercising the voting rights in true spirit and choice is not always seen. There are sections who vote with a bias for money, narrow-minded views.

    While we are questioning the maturity of the public, we should equally question the maturity of our elected leaders, every day we read about corruption, upkept promises, meddling with the official machinery etc.

    So, both the public and their leaders need to have more maturity and responsibility towards democracy.

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    Democracy is not just about the power to govern being ultimately vested with the people; it also involves how the people participate in the entire process. India being a representative democracy, we elect our representatives to take part in the governance on our behalf. I agree that the democratic process in India has become diluted due to different reasons but the most important reason, I believe, is that the common man has lost faith in the way the system is being executed. And that loss of faith has taken our democracy to a different level where WE, the people, are influenced by certain political ideologies and are guided by politicians in deciding how to exercise our franchise.

    The political scenario in India has reached such a level that the voters are forced to choose the best among the worst. Though NOTA (None of the Above) button has been introduced in the voting machines, we are yet to utilize the facility fully and one reason for this, I think, is that we are (or have been made to be) apprehensive about re-elections.

    With regional parties booming up like mushrooms for the sake of ensuring power to their leaders and to enable themselves to bargain with national parties, the choice (of candidates) being given to the voters is far from satisfactory. Though judicial intervention is trying to maintain a balance, the lawmaking bodies, which consists of politicians, are not ready to take any concrete steps to amend the Representation of People's Act so as to protect the rights of the people which is the base of our Constitution.

    To cut short my thoughts on the subject, I don't think that we are not mature enough for a democracy. In fact, the very fact that we could sustain our democracy despite all odds and differences for such a long period is itself testimony to our political maturity.

    But we need to be clear as to what we want from our representatives. We should remember that they are answerable to the voters. We should be able to question them about their actions. We are gullible due to different reasons and are easily susceptible (may be due to invasions and colonization at different points of time) but being aware of politics and political games being played, we need to wake up and exercise our franchise effectively. And the most important thing in this direction would be to move out of your homes during elections and cast your vote for the best candidate, irrespective of any affiliation and be brave enough to press the NOTA button if you are not satisfied with any of the candidates. We are mature but we need to express the same by exercising our power to vote.

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