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    Who is better among two?

    Recently in Karnataka MLA son created new-sense in pub and hit one person black and blue where he is admitted to hospital and he might take 3 months to recover. But the police didn't take any action against MLA son till it was a hot news in media. They were giving a statement that we are searching him to arrest as soon as we come to know about him, we will arrest him but MLA son was hidden in the house according to media. Later he was arrested because media was continuously telecasting that news. Now discussion is going on that police is involved in this matter. Because in such case bail will not be granted but still bail application is submitted.
    Another case MLA of ruling party had threatened a officer in government office to pass his file by throwing petrol and giving a statement "I will lit fire"in the office if you don't pass my file. The officer was shattered by such behavior and quietly took a transfer to other place. CCTV footage was leaked to media and now when media person contacted that officer and questioned him Why you didn't complaint to police? The government officer said there is no point in complaining definitely he is a politician and they will talk for him and ultimately I will be in target later also. So its better if I get my transfer to other place.
    By these two incidents I feel Police and Politician's are in the same balance and equal . We common people can't trust them and expect any kind of legal help from them. Its better we stay away from them always. This is my perception. What is ISC members review's regarding this Who is better police or politician or none?
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    It is true. The politicians, police and bureaucrats are ruling the country. Whatever they say is the rule. Whatever they do is legal. This country was made like this by the selfish people who ruled the country from the day independence was announced to the country. Now I think the situation has gone beyond control. Nobody can bring it back on to the rails. We have some hope when the BJP has come to power. But now it is appearing as if the situation has gone beyond the position of getting repaired.The past one week developments are really bothering. Multiple scams in various banks, MLAs beating IAS officers. MLA's son beating somebody in the PUB. One politician giving warning to the government employee and threatening. So very bad situation. I think the common man has to suffer. The police will never care for a common man's complaint. The media also creates problem to good people sometimes by provoking people with unnecessary hype to some news.
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    This reply is related to the bad apples in both areas. I would say both are better than us because, we (public) need them, they can survive without us expect at election times. But it is crucial to understand that Police and Politicians they need each other for there personal well being. Both are like cogs in the wheel of corruption, deceit, violence, breaking the law and work well in tandem until such incidents are out in the public domain, wherein they are forced to act their official part until we forget the issue and then they would show their true colours.

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    I don't have any hope's from BJP government also because in Karnataka BJP party is not as sweet as apple. Even they don't have chit. When they get the ruling power they will also show their true colors. As Natarajan sir said no public will take any such initiative . Because all worry of their future and think of them selves only. Mainly they are worried of the two major parties whom I had mentioned in the forum.

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    Yes, no party can fulfil our expectations. There are criminals in all parties. In Karnataka also, there are some black sheep in BJP. But, as we live in a Parliamentary democracy, we have no other alternative except choosing the lesser evil. And in my opinion, BJP is the lesser evil between/among the two/three major parties in the fray in the state(Congress, JDS and BJP).
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    At the best it can be said that it is a good pastime to discuss such issues. There is nothing new in discovering police-politician nexus. It has been there since ages. The police-politician-bureaucrat nexus works on the principle of corruption. They share the booty among themselves and expect that no common man will dare to interfere in their functioning.
    Politicians help policemen in getting lucrative postings where they can illegally amass lot of wealth in the form of bribes and the policemen in turn misuse their position and power in protecting the stooges of politicians besides paying them in cash also directly or indirectly through their channel devised for the purpose.
    I remember having read somewhere that generally the postings of policemen are auctioned and the official who pays more get the lucrative i.e. more paying postings.
    In Mumbai there was good income from dance bars and the policemen posted in areas where maximum dance bars were located used to get good 'hafta' from the dance bar owners/operators. Later many policemen started their own dance bars in proxy.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    One thing is sure from both the incidents that those who may be in power their henchman or the supporters, take the law in to their own hands, as if police and law enforcement agencies are in their palm. But seldom they realise the fact that once gone overboard even their own family would disown live alone the people and the voters. But the second person is more dangerous. Though he was not in power , I have seen the news video where in he dared to pour the petrol and sprinkled the petrol here and there to damage the government files with the fire. That was too much. Remember if he becomes the MLA of the future, surely all government lands would be encroached. Damn with such arrogant behaviour and after Rahul Gandhi become the President of the party, the youth is going on rampage and when the elections are going to be held they are bent upon to bring disrepute to the party.
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    Dario Fo, in his satirical play, THE ACCIDENTAL DEATH OF AN ANARCHIST, deals with this issue. It is a very interesting and humorous short play where a madman disguises himself as a government representative, and by the end of the play, that madman succeeds in showing that neither the police nor the politicians/ government is better. They both are dependent upon each other and it is mainly the System which is blameworthy. And no one person can change this system. It needs a combined effort to change the system which thrives upon power, corruption and exploitation.

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    We(including myself) talk so much, express our anger about the section of Politicians and the Police who blatantly engage in corruption and flouting the law. Can we do really anything? I don't think so because many of us cannot take on such individual who wield power and influence for the sake of our safety and our family's safety and honor. The day the common man can fearlessly stand up to this nonsense without fear of repercussions, then we can see a real change.

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    Yes we can stand against only if we are alone without any family, because every common man say the same thing that Police and politicians will not leave if we go against them. Now the latest news is that the MLA who threatened the officer by spilling petrol is arrested but I don't think so there will be any further preceding because that also will be snubbed in few days.
    Few month back there was a raid in MLA house who is right hand of CM and he was caught red hand in hotel when bribing the party members in Gujarat. But there was no action taken against him and still continuing the post. the matter is closed now. As partha sir said we have to select lesser criminal among all.

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