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    Today is international Mother language day.

    Today international mother language day is being celebrated. This event is first announced by UNESCO on 17 November 1999. It was recognized by the United Nations General Assembly in a resolution.Languages are of importance to people and planet. Language is important for communication, social integration, education and development. To interact with various parts of the world we all should have a common language. But the regions there are people who speak a particular language. Around 6000 languages are being spoken in the world. But 43% of the languages are vanishing. Only a few hundred languages have genuinely been given a place in education systems and the public domain, and less than a hundred are used in the digital world. So to see that these languages will sustain the international mother language is being celebrated. My best wishes to all the members of ISC on this occasion.
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    After the painful partition of India in 1947, Jinnah tried to force his utopian concept of language on the people of East Pakistan. After the horrible massacre of Hindus in East Pakistan, Jinnah thought that East Pakistan has been sufficiently Islamised. He came to Dhaka an on 21st February, 1948 and announced that Urdu would be the language of the Government of entire Pakistan. Bengali was considered the language of 'Hindus' and so it was treated with disdain by Jinnah and his short-sighted followers. The announcement sparked protest among the Bengali-speaking majority of Pakistan. The protest got out of control and ended with the death of four students of the University of Dhaka who were shot by the police. The students' death during the fight for their mother language is now remembered as The International Mother Language Day all over the world.
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    The UNESCO decided to observe the 21st of February every year as the International Mother Language day keeping in mind the importance to preserve languages as they form the basic fabric of different cultures around the world. The date was fixed remembering the 1952 Bengal Language Movement. Let us all be part of this effort by loving, learning and sharing our own mother tongue while respecting and aiding in promoting other languages too. We need to remember that we are living in a multilingual world and so should ensure that we don't let go of our mother tongue, at least by conversing in our language within the family or within our groups. Let common languages be for common gatherings, speak only your mother tongue when you are among people speaking the same.
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    The very name, Mother tongue, indicate that The same is as important as Mother. It is Mother who is responsible for our very existence. So is the language which we first heard from our own mother. Thus Mother tongue is being loved by each one of us as our mother. This 'mother language day' is again to remind each one of us that we should not forget mother tongue. The much popular English medium schools in our country have a greater role in threatening the status of mother tongue. It is just like taking care of the child by a differently cultured 'mother' (?) instead of the mother who gave birth to the child. Are we to allow this ?

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    Great that even for our Mother tongue there is a International day to celebrate and remember. In most of the homes the parents are practising to speak in English with the children so that from the young age they want to inculcate the knowledge of good communications in English. But in the melee even the mother is not familiarising with the mother tongue to the child and importance of talking in mother language. In fact every child must know to read, write and talk in their own mother tongue and apart from that they should also learn the local language where they are living and English which has become a bridge language for easy understanding. In Telangana the government wants to strictly impose the rule of studying Telugu language for every student irrespective of the mother tongue being diffferent for respective persons.
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    We need to learn other languages, be able to travel around the world but we need to know our roots also. So, mother tongue, the language of the place we were born in is very important to ensure that the cultural link is preserved. Glad that we have day dedicated to it. As we are proud of our own mother tongue, we should also allow others to speak freely in their own language.
    We can teach the language informally to whoever wants to learn (not enforce it) it so that we propagate our mother tongue. We should encourage people to pass it on to their children,we can use at homes, at functions and social circles whenever time permits.

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    I may add a few more points on the importance of mother tongues. Our Father of Nation Sri. Mahathma Gandhi strongly believed that the medium of instruction must be ones mother tongue. He once said, "Children of a country who receive their primary education through a language which is not their mother tongue are committing suicide . It is equivalent to stealing a natural right of theirs". He added that, " teaching through a foreign language is unnecessarily adding an additional burden on the young people. This will affect their initiatives, affect their intellectual growth and alienate from their home. Hence, I consider them as a major national disaster".
    Nobel Laureate Rabindranatha Tagore also strongly stood for mother tongue as medium of Instruction. "Studying a subject through a language which is foreign to the student is forcing to mug up the subject, without understanding the topic". He added that, learning through a language which is foreign do not exist anywhere else in the world other than in our own country.


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    My respects to the four students who lost their lives in a protest rally for their mother language Bengali to be used instead of Urdu as the official language of Bangladesh. Mother language is the language which we learn from our mother and is very sacred. In India where there are many languages, all languages should be given equal respect and no other language is to be thrust on the others.
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    Mr. KVRR: Only one small correction. The students died in East Pakistan, not in Bangladesh. But the death on 21st February, 1948 sowed the seed of Bangladesh which was formed in December, 1971.

    These four martyrs were Salam, Rafiq, Barkat and Jabbar.

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