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    How cash credits and points are rewarded in article?

    Hello editors,
    Few days ago I edited an article for republishing. I was suggested to edit the article and increase the content to reach at minimum words requirements. I added useful content, added figure and gave explanation too.

    The surprising part is that after approval from editors, the cash credit and point are increased to 5. That means 10/10 becomes 15/15.
    Only additional 5/5 point/cash.

    On the other hand, from my side words increased from around 212 to 509.
    Almost more than double. The efforts are increased but no reward according to it.

    I am not arguing but want to know the policy behind giving cash credit and point.
    Kindly share it to members.
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    Paresh, your concern has been put up to the editors concerned. They will check it out and do the needful if necessary.

    To make a point, I may be permitted to say that the number of words, the efforts put in by the author, the richness of the content, quality of language, freshness of the topic and so many other factors are considered while reviewing an article and it won't be feasible to give a standard response to your query. Anyway, please wait for a response from a panel member.

    'He who does not understand your silence will probably not understand your words.'- Elbert Hubbard.

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