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    What If Animals Were Given The Voting Power.....

    In the most general way the POLITICS can be defined as the "Art Of Ruling The State", but in India more or less this relates to APPEASEMENT. Now in the current scenario wherein & instead of referring to the development we are involved in living with the issues of Religion, Cast and Communities & also the elections are won only on the basis of these factors.

    Now, change the scenario that even the animals are given the power & the responsibility for voting & electing the government. I do feel that the slaughter houses will get shut down & the rights would be enacted in order for them to live & not to get eaten. Animals have the right to equal consideration of their interests. For instance, a dog most certainly has an interest in not having pain inflicted on him or her unnecessarily. We therefore are obliged to take that interest into consideration and to respect the dog's right not to have pain unnecessarily inflicted upon him or her. However, animals don't always have the same rights as humans, because their interests are not always the same as ours and some rights would be irrelevant to animals' lives. For instance, a dog doesn't have an interest in voting and therefore doesn't have the right to vote, since that right would be as meaningless to a dog as it is to a child. The same is the case with the other entities or kingdoms.

    But the sad part is that they can't speak, these senseless acts of violence against Animals will continue to occur unless we bring change to this world. Well you might ask, "what change can we make to prevent these cruel and unusual acts of violence from happening?" We must view Animals as equals! Look back at history, violence and oppression happened to those that weren't deemed as equals.
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    You mean donkeys!
    If you give voting rights to donkeys they will get power!....So….what is the difference??!

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    Do you feel that human beings never behave like a dumb or all are intelligent in order to judge & elect the right person. I don't feel so as many who got elected are corrupt & for this we need not to go through any news but your understanding matter. I am still on the side of giving rights to animals if possible.

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    If the animals are given voting rights, they might vote for removing slaughter houses. It has another connotation, the requirement of the slaughter houses might vanish. Because the word 'animal' is not referring to cows alone. It covers all wild animals such as lion, river, cheetahs , and others. These wild varieties will kill and eat the animals consumed by lesser- wild humans. So the whole kingdom will be under the rule of the surviving strongest animals !!
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    We live in a country wherein for some getting two square meals a day is a blessing. People work hard with little money paid in return, people are abused, intimidated or even killed for a few hundred rupees. There are certain areas where in Human Rights is just a word to be laughed upon. Little children who should enjoy time at school are forced to help out families for want of money to meet ends.

    Given, the reality, animals in India are of two broad groups, the pampered ones and the cursed one. The pampered ones do not need voting rights as they have more than they need and looked after so well that some human parents would be embarrassed. The cursed lot are the animals for whom such things won't matter as their lives and the way they live is already decided by man.

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    If Animals are given voting power, there will be a huge demand for these animals before the elections. The owners of these animals will demand money for getting their animals to vote for the candidate. The politicians may start their own diary form and they may go for more houses for street dogs and they may offer rooms for these street dogs also. Under the name of these dogs, the relatives of the people in power will try to acquire free houses and other facilities that are being provided by the government. So far I never heard about the caste system in animals. Once voting power is given they may also get classified as pet dogs, street dogs so on and so forth.
    They strongest animals will try to rule and dictate terms to the other animals and force them to vote for the candidate supported by them.
    In many remote villages, there will be some top people for each caste and they will advise all the voters belonging to their caste about the candidate to whom they have to vote and it will be done without any deviation.

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    If the animals gets the voting right the wildest imagination would run as under from my side. Crows will demand that they be fed daily by the people before they eat the food. They will also demand a small pot full or small tub full of water be kept to quench their thirst. Likewise dogs will have permanent reprieve from Municipal authorities as they would stop catching and doing sterilisation on them. That means they want to increase their population and not decreasing. The horse wont drive on the thar roads during Bharat of marriage processions. The donkeys wont carry more than the prescribed rates. The rats would seek ban from having rat mats, the mosquito repellents should be done away. The mosquitoes should be allowed to roam freely as their life is for one day. So these new demands has to be met before voting by animals.
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    This post reminds me of George Orwell's "Animal Farm". In the story, nothing really interesting happens. Animals start behaving like humans in the end.
    Rights are what make us weak. Animals are like this because they're devoid of rights.
    If animals could vote, they wouldn't vote for humans in the first place.
    Moreover carnivorous animals wouldn't even get nominated. Herbivorous animals, most probably an elephant can rule because they're smart and strong.
    But elephants too would soon get corrupted and would only work for it's kin.
    Politics and partiality cannot be separated.
    No matter who the politician is and era is.
    It's only natural to be inclined towards your own kind.
    We can't wrong the politicians for this.

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    I think if the animals get voting rights, they would vote for discipline and self-regulation which can be seen in the forest. In the forest, although 30 to 50% animals are carnivores, there is no unnecessary bloodbath or violence. The animals are disciplined and follow the rules set by the leaders of their respective clans.

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    What I personally believe is that if In our democratic country everyone including the animal kingdom has been given the power then at least during election time each one of us can be heard by the rulers which may get ignored after the elections. Just an imagination which is never possible but in another words I tried to raise a voice in the form of a satire about how mean & selfish we are. We see few dying during our journey called life but still we need more & more but still unsatisfied.

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    Just my views. Instead of giving them voting rights which is a fantasy that can't come true.
    Let's start with ourselves with simple practical thoughts and actions
    Not to abuse animals
    Not to keep birds in a cage, Not to chain the dogs to the roadside electric poles the whole day.
    Not to support animal fights/ cockrel fights
    Adopt an animal ( zoos, animal NGOs have this)
    Keep water and some food for stray animals outside our homes

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