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    Create your own fictional Hero

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    Yes. I did. I technically desire a demigod.
    Because humans have limits.
    I desire a shape-shifter. He needn't have a fancy name. I call him "Monkey".

    Kind of like our Hanuman . He should be able to magnify or microsize himself. He should be able to fly. He should be immensely strong.

    And even if he lacks all these, he needs to be a super smart tactician.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    I imagine my fiction hero as Yughandar. Yughandhar is a very famous detective created by a detective writer in Telugu. I used to read those detective books during my graduation. I always used to imagine him as a hero in a detective movie. I used to think about him as a man with a lot of intelligence and boldness. I used to imagine him as a detective who can unveil the secrets behing mysteries very easily. I tried to write a story those days but my friend told me that I can't use the same name used by another writer. I thought of many names but I couldn't decide on any other name and I was not able to complete the story.
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    For me my fictional creation is Yogi. He sports like a old, bearded person, people mistake him for the illiterate, villager and not knowing anything. Some would think he was absconded from the home and no one to look after. They offer food and water and also worn clothes. But he do accepts them politely and later distributes them to the poor. Once a person who gave him alms made a keen observation about the old aged person. He was astonished to find the result. He is a big Industrialist , would roam in the streets in the guise of Yogi, not to fool the public, but to have the first hand experience on how the poor are treated.
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    My fictional character is a politician named 'Mr. Clean'.
    He is totally honest and has never conned the voters of his constituency by making false promises to them.
    He has never interfered in the functioning of local administration by threatening them to get transferred to a nondescript place and position and is generally available round the clock for serving the residents of his area.

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    My fictional character has a peculiar name. His name is 'Part'. Once (Long back) I started writing a novel covering different exploits and adventures of Part. He is a peculiar character. Sometime introvert, sometime talkative. He can't stand corruption, mean-mindedness, anti-social and anti-national activities. He goes to enemy countries to destroy terror modules. He organizes people to fight against corruption of politicians. He also writes articles, posters and joins various other awareness campaigns during his spare time (very little) to make people of the country change their harmful habits.

    In the novel which I started writing in my college and university days, Part has a girlfriend. Part loves him, but she can't stand the erratic ways of Part. So, she leaves him. Part is shattered and he gets engaged in more and more work to forget her. But he can't erase her from his memory.

    When I read this unfinished novel now, I laugh at my younger self. How naive I was!

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    I never created a fictional hero but wanted myself to become a hero by magically discovering at a later stage in my life that I can do Magic.

    It is surprising that though we have popular MALE heroes, there is hardly any FEMALE hero. Or it is not surprising at all in this patriarchal world, where Men are the Knights in Shining Armor and the women are some damsels in distress who cannot be the heroes but need a hero to be saved and to bring about change in this world by performing good deeds.

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    So, we have created Monkey, Yugandhar, Yogi, Mr. Clean and Part as our fictional character. That's nice to see from our members. However, it is not that super heroes are only a MALE, I don't remember now but we too have Female super Hero in as comic character during my teenage time.

    Now when I search it, I found some Female Super hero names like - Supergirl (like Superman), Wonder woman, Captain Marvel, In Indian Female Super Hero there are DEVI, Shakti and newly launched female Super hero "Mighty Girl".

    If anyone knows more, please share it here.

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    I had never imagined for any fake superheroes but at the same time was inspired by the great freedom fighters who laid their life for their country even in so early age. I salute to them.

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    Fictional superhumans are all men.
    Because, we all can admit that women are real life superheroes.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    My fictional hero is a sea man. This man will be in the form of a fish with a man's face. He will remain at sea and live with the fishes. He will reach all the vessels facing problems at sea and render necessary assistance. How is that?
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