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    His wife did repay the loan taken from PNB after his death

    (Nowadays everybody is discussing PNB. Let me also discuss PNB and a customer of PNB who took a loan from the bank.)

    It was 1964. The children used to go to the school in a tonga, but they were not allowed to use the official car of their father. After some time, their father started planning to buy a car. He checked his bank balance. He had only Rs. 7,000/- in his bank. The cost of the car was Rs. 12,000/-. So, the father applied for a loan of Rs. 5,000/- from PNB. It was sanctioned and the car was purchased.

    The father, who was the only earning member of the family, died in January, 1966. The loan was not repaid till then. So, the widow of the man continued repaying the loan from her pension. She never even imagined to request for waiver of the loan. With utmost difficulty, she managed to repay it completely in a few years.

    Lalita Shastri proved to be the ideal partner of Late Lal Bahadur Shastri, the former Prime Minister of India.
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    Kudos and whole sort of appreciation to Lalita Shastri who has proved to the world that once we take loan which is a public money, that has to be repaid, no matter the original beneficiary war alive or dead. Such kind of good gestures can from those who are good at heart and in this case Lalita Shastri happens to be the wife of Late Lal Bahadur Shastri, the former Prime Minister of India and hence never think of not repaying the loan which was taken by her diseased husband. Such kind of people wont be available and these days as we look for waivers, discounts and one time settlement offers from the banks.
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    Only people who uphold the values of honesty, intergerity and high morals will understand the menaing of honoring an agreement or deal. There are few who would be called 'old fashioned' or even people who don't know how to live a life in today's world but these are the people who are trustworthy and can hold their heads high with pride.
    A thread worthy of reading especially in the days of the PNB crisis, we have one man (and his aides) who has managed to swindle the country for many crores and is now having a life of luxury abroad, there is a big if about what would happen, will he pay his dues, can the money be recovered etc.
    But from the same bank, we have a noble example of the PM of India taking a loan, and more nobler is the fact that Mrs Sashtri repaid the dues from her pension. I don't think the present scamsters would feel ashamed or embarrassed by their forgery.

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    Those are the people who have morals and self-respect above the money. Those are the people who believed in integrity and honesty as the ornaments of life. The same person when he was the railway minister there was train accident. He owned the moral responsibility and resigned as railway minister. He left the car given to him because of his ministry and gone back home by foot. Can we find at least one such person these days? My salutations to the family. In the first place the PM of this country taking a loan of Rs.5000/- itself unbelievable. The loan has been repaid by the widow of the PM after his death to the bank from his pension is another unbelievable issue these days. The person who has taken loans from banks are avoiding repayment and they are becoming ministers these days. I have my full respect for Sastriji and his family.
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    Surprised to see only 3 replies? we all were angered, posted our views for PNB scams, but we are not acknowledging the selfless deed of pensioner who is a late PMs wife.

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    Yes, I also read this news yesterday. It is really nice that this type of person (Lal Bahadur Shastri) was our Prime Minister. We can see the culture of his family. It is not easy for her wife to pay the loan but she did it. It is an example for us to learn an important lesson.
    Honesty is the best policy.

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    Its only the nature and honest agreement towards someone that makes them pay towards the Loan amount or anything else. These good factors are missing in todays generation

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