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    High value of parents

    Even a diamond can be assessed by specific experts but the value of father and mother never can be assessed by anybody.
    *Mother can be realized even 5 years of age but father's can be only when he become father.
    *A father's discomfort is more than that of delivery when he feels for his inability of meeting his child's need
    *A father with 1000 times of love is seems to be a villain to his child
    *No mother prepares food for self and no father eats food without reserving for child.
    *A father sees his mother in his daughter
    *Crying while taking food outside by thinking mother's food
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    A father is always behind the scene behind every success of every person in the family. While mother gets immediate recognition for the good behaviour of the child, a father is never given the share of pride. Often every father wants to give greater comfort to the child and he may even beg borrow or steal from others to keep his child happy. A father always pamper the girl child and his love has no bounds and cannot be described. Both father and mother toil for the food to be served to the child. But the child never asks the parents whether they have taken food. For a father a girl child is the Goddess Lakshmi and he sees that she should never get disturbed or perturbed. He cannot see the weeping child in front of him. A girl child would be cozy with father than mother and that gives greater lenience for her get anything demanded.
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    It is true. The only one person who support us when we failed and the person who encourages us when we are successful is our father. A father will always think about his children only. He always wanted to see their children comfortable and happy throughout their life. It is true that the value of the father will be known only after we attain the age of a father and become a father. As our age increases, we understand the problems of our father and the sufferings he has taken for our sake. Another important point is a father thinks always that the problems he faced in his life should not be faced by his children. That is why everyone should understand that the parents are the visible Gods and they should be respected. They should be protected carefully in their old age and see that they will be happy till their last breath. That will be good for the children also.
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    Apart from so many other aspects of the issue concerned, primarily it is the duty of the parents to take care of their children properly. It is natural on the part of parents to be responsible for the children procreated by them.
    The almighty has created the process of procreation in such a manner that there are at least two individuals - the father and mother, to take care so that in the unfortunate event of demises of either of the two, the remaining one can look after the child.
    There are differences in the physical bodies of the two and their roles are defined clearly. The father being physically stronger one, arranges for the food and other provisions while the mother feeds and nurses the newborn.
    We can find such phenomenon in many animals also without any attendant glorification.

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    This is what the Indian culture is all about. If we leave the current education system which is based completely based on economic front, our past consists of educating the child with moral values too. Our parents have always treated as the living God in this planet earth. But the sad part is that this is getting eradicated slowly.

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    Noble thoughts about parents. Having being children and later on parents ourselves, I'm sure some of us will agree that fathers' often have a self-imposed barrier when it comes to expressing their love, especially when children are in their teens.

    I think fathers' want to express their love and affection but are many times cautious ( to shed a few tears, to hug a child that is becoming a rebel at home).

    Both father and mother are great roles that humans play for the benefit of their children and at most times they put the well being of their children ahead of themselves.

    When you are in a food mall (KFC, Dominoes, PizzaHut), if can see some parents feeling a little out of place, if you just observe, they'll get what the child wants but for themselves, they'll nibble a french fry or just sip a little soft drink until the child finishes. These are often parents who do not eat fast food because they are health conscious, some of them are people who have less money in hand but they still want their children to have a burger meal so that they don't feel sad.

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    It is true and very heart touching post by the author. It is said in Islam that paradise is in the feet of the parents (Mother and father). So we should always respect them and try to understand them in the old age. Today we got the position due to their sacrifices in the life.
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    there are quotes and stories on valour of fathers and it is true, But somewhere dedication from mothers too is uncomparable. Mothers who are homemakers or working give their 100% in the upbringing of their kids without compromising and managing in the resources she can give.

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