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    Challenges of a mother. Husband away in foreign country and she has to nurture two teen girls ?

    She is hardly in her 40 plus years of age and I am seeing her since 20 years , right from her marriage and her husband keep working out of the country and his job work shifts to many countries, the husband seldom spends time with the kids and to my knowledge he never knows or participated in good moments of his two lovely girl children. One is a famous artist and another one a famous dancer. Both are good at studies too and bringing name and fame to the mother all the way. How she would have coped up in this world when nurturing teen age girls without husband physical support is greatest challenge. My appreciation and kudos to her.
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    You are furthering patriarchy (male- dominated society) by holding such a view. Why is it so strange if a woman has nurtured her children without her husband's support? Of course, children and wife require their father and husband's presence, love and care, but, it is not correct to put this in the form of "greatest challenge" if he has been absent from their family life. You seem to suggest that a woman requires, and needs, a man's presence and 'protection'.
    Also, you seem to put emphasis on the kids being 'girls'.
    Nurturing kids is no easy task, without the presence and support of the other partner, be the kids be boys or girls.
    You actually have appreciated that woman, it can be seen. It is only that one point, which you make, that is problematic: "How she would have coped up in this world when nurturing teenage girls without husband's physical presence is greatest challenge. "
    You are underestimating her as a woman, more than you are appreciating her as a wife and mother.

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    My thoughts was to highlight the courage of the mother in the given situation of worst world around us.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    In olden days ladies were not moving outside and they are completely in the house only attending the domestic needs. Whatever they want they have to approach their husbands for the procurement. But slowly days changed. These days there is no difference between gents and ladies. They are also doing all works same as that of gents. So I don't feel it is the challenge to her. But it is a pain to her. She has to struggle a lot. She has to take her responsibility as well as the responsibility of the husband also. So it will be very difficult for her to deliver the goods on time and accurately. But it is nice that this particular lady is able to manage the situation very well and has seen that her daughters will come up in the life. My appreciations to her. But the love and affection they want from the male counterpart is missing to her and her daughter's also. That is the real pain to them.
    always confident

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    Some time back, I raised a thread Ironies of Life: Journey of a Single Parent.

    I always have a healthy respect for parents who almost single handedly look after the family needs and children.

    For the sake of money to give their children a better future some parents father or mother (doctors, nursesm construction and oil empoyees) work abroad with little choice. They would miss their families and would lose the golden years of seeing their children grow up.

    Equally difficult is the job of the other parent who runs the family back home. He or she has to manage daily affairs, look after their needs, health and social issues. They also have to support families and relatives whenever possible.

    Such people sacrifice the joys of marriage life for long years with the true desire to provide more for the family and children. Few do it by choice, most do it by lack of a better choice.

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