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    Are Daycare/Creche facilities available in your city and how much typically they cost?

    A majority of married couple want to have children at some point of their life. Gone are the days when raising a child was easy and cheap. In joint family system, generally the grandparents used to play a very important role in raising the children even in the cases of a working woman.

    Nowadays, couples have migrated to other cities in search of jobs and are generally living without inhouse family support. In such cases, the working couples generally have no other option to avail services of Daycare, Creches, Preschools and Playschools etc. Nowadays, children as young as 12 months old can be sent to these schools that take care of child's needs learning, nutrition, growth and development including social, emotional and cognitive development.

    A typical fee structure of such Preschools/Creche includes components like one time Registration Fee, Form Fee, Admission Fee, Tuition Fee, Meal Fee, Transportation Fee and Security Deposit etc. Adding all this, the Annual Fee for a Daycare or Preschool falls in the range of lakhs of rupees.

    Are Daycare/Creche facilities available in your city and how much typically they cost?
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    Yes lots of day care centre and creche are available at every big place in the city and they are thriving with good business as the working mothers have no time rear the children and that responsibility it squarely taken by them. On an average it costs between 6000 to 8000 in up market areas 4000 to 6000 per month in semi urban or sub urban areas. The charges include, looking after the children, feeding them timely, keeping them cheerful and allowing them to play with the toys available with them. But most of the children are not happy with those so called homes as the house maid seems to be rude and the children wont connect with her.
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    These days almost all urban and semiurban areas are having baby care centres. In Hyderabad and Secunderabad in almost all the areas we have these places. The cost depends on the locality where it is opened, the facilities provided in the place and the age of the baby.
    There are Preschools/Creches which are fully air-conditioned with the facility to pick up the child and drop back the child. There are baby care centres where there will be trained attendants and number of children under one such person is also a criterion for fees. My sister's granddaughter goes to a playschool in Nacharam area of Range Reddy District in Hyderabad. The early expenses to that child are coming to about Rs.1,30,000/- per annum including al. There is another play school in our area where the fees are around Rs.7000/- per month and admission fee is about Rs. 15000/-.

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    These are a home away from home in many major cities and a lifesaver for working couples/nuclear families who have to work to earn or maintain their seniority.

    There are many creches with amenities, based on the brand name, location, time duration, and the services provided the charges range anywhere from 4000 to 8000 per month.

    Some are good with decent food and playtime, encourage children to play with enough staff to look after them. Many offer the package, pickup, drop, food etc.

    The problem is, some of them have a good brand name and parents fall for it. But when you actually visit the place, it'll be an old home with just a painted gate and compound or the first floor of a commercial complex in an upcoming residential area. The quality of the support services is the bare minimum.

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    The charges depend on different factors and the one point which is very important is their registration. These registered daycare centers are the one which we can trust but their charges are as high as school fee. They have all the possible facilities like pediatrician, meal, transport, security, a very initial part of education and lots of other activities to keep the kids engaged for the whole day.
    Apart from these registered daycare centers, there are some small daycares running is personal house/ flats only. There you can find few maids to take of your child, to feed them food and to clean the mess created by kids. Their charges are ranging between Rs. 5000-10000, depending upon the location, age of a child, etc.
    Nowadays, many offices have also started a creche facility for female employees and I guess, this is the best option to have. For this, they are not charging anything and it is just to support the working mother to pursue her both the jobs altogether.


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    What is the minimum age at which Daycare/Creche accept children for care giving in India and what is the minimum age at which Indian parents prefer to put their children in such facilities?
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    Day care centres are normally opened with the sole aim of earning huge sum of money by a way of extorting money for different items. The working parents don't have so much time to ponder over the the charges they are soused to pay. However, they don't mind shelling out money for the proper upbringing of child. The charges are substantial and some times, it is as high as 10,000/- in a large city. But some times we have to accept the hard facts that these kids being put in day care feel insecured in the new environment especially when the mistress taking care of this tiny tots are extremely insensitive and these tots find themselves in helpless condition. Their normal growth may retard with the constant psychological fear though the parents pay a massive sum of money in nurturing their kids.
    Parents would do well if a thorough investigation is made before sending their kids to an unknown day - centre.

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