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    Is it correct to say a father is with us for every win, a mother is with us for every pain ?

    I came across this line while going through social media and wants to share here. Here the father has been placed at high esteem as if he is alone responsible for every win of a child, where as mother has been portrayed as the pain reliever for that matter. However these days both mother and father equally takes the responsibility of a child progress and we cannot single out who is forward in this matter. What is your view on this. If you were asked to rewrite the above sentence mentioned the heading , what would be that ?
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    No. I will not agree with the statement. Both the parents will be with their children for all their successes and failures. When their children are successful both the parents will enjoy the success and encourage the children for better achievements in the future. When the children are not able to be successful because of some reasons the parents will try to console them and try to debottleneck the bottlenecks which are causing the failures. Here both the parents will play their roles equally. In some families, children will have more access to one of the two parents. In such case, the children will share their pains with that parent and try to get their grief reduces. In some cases, it may the another and in some other cases, it may the father. So we can't generalise a statement and it differs from person to person and situation to situation. In my case both the sons are more close to their mother than me. So they share always their good moments as well as problems with her first. She will bring that matter to me.
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