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    That is why I don't watch Cricket match

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    It is very common people to have this type of sentiments. When we watch the match on the TV we will sit in a particular fashion. If our team is doing well we will continue the same position throughout the match. If there is the loss of wicket immediately we will change our position of sitting by saying that the place is not good for us on that day. These are all sentiments.
    Yesterday I saw the Indian batting part of the match. Both Dhoni and Pandey played their excellent shots in the end and brought the score to 180. But that score has become very easy for South Africans. Yesterday match started with a bad event. For the first ball itself Dhavan was declared out but in the review, he was declared not out. Rohit was out for the first ball he faced. Kohli was also gone fast. otherwise, our people might have crossed 200 mark. Anyhow now the series open and the final match will decide the winner.

    always confident

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    Haha, reading about "sitting position, I remember how Sunil Gavaskar not allowed Kris Srikant to go for smoke during entire innings in the 1983 world cup when Kapil was batting and ended with world record of Highest score of 175 note out then. Even entire team were sitting in their own place without any movement till the innings got over.

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    Well, even in many of the games played previously not including the above two matches that India lost. So kindly stop imagining & enjoy these sports in which whosoever performs better is going to win & not on the basis of who are watching them.

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    I will suggest you not to stop enjoying the game. It is game and wins and loss are the two sides of the game. I will suggest you watch all the matches of India and after sometimes you will stop imaging this type of face your own. I request you watch 3 T-20 and enjoy the game. I remember whenever I vote a candidate in the election, he always the loss. So what should I do? Should I stop voting? So, my dear, enjoy the whole match.
    Honesty is the best policy.

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    Haha, Hakimuddin, your logic is too good! Let see if I have time will sure look into your advise.

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    Some people have different beliefs and thoughts that are difficult to explain rationally. It's something like superstition.
    I have seen many members in our group who talk about evil eye or a sharp tongue (names given to some people) that are associated with some adverse event happening to them because they interacted with those people.

    Some people have 'lucky mascots' a pen, a key ring, a small coin etc. When these items are not with them, they are worried about all sorts of failures that can happen that day.

    It's just the human mind. If this is true for you, I request Mr.Jeet Singh to watch only parts of the last India-South Africa T20 match.

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