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    Kamal Haasan started his political career

    South India is very famous for actor turned politicians. There are many such actors who turned to politics at the fag end of their film career. Now it is Kamal Hasaan's turn. Yesterday he inaugurated his new party in a public meeting at Madhurai, Tamil Nadu. Before starting this meeting he went to Rameswaram and taken the blessings of the family members of our Ex-President Late. Abdul Lalam. He visited the Samadhi of the late Ex-president and offered his respects to him.
    He named the party as "Makkal Needhi Maiam". The name means thst centre for people's justice. He unveiled the party flag. The flag is on the white background and has six hands joining together. In the centre, there is a black star in which there is a white star. He says the six hands together are 5 states and one union territory of South India and the star in the centre is the people.
    Is this design od the flag made keeping any South Indian unity for fighting with the centre for getting justice to these states? Views of the members requested.
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    Though I am a fan of Kamalhasan, I do not like his party's name and the design of the party flag and it's meaning. I have nothing else to say except to wait and watch his future moves.
    No life without Sun

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    Yes, another versatile film personality has taken the plunge into politics. It is too early to predict what he'll achieve. But the journey is not going to be easy. Mr.Rajinikanth has the edge over Kamal in terms of grassroots support and fan base.
    Many actors have tested politics but only a few have been successful. Popularity and fan base get you noticed but it's the clarity of the political agenda, the alliance that you make, the realistic ideas that you give the electorate ( we have been duped many times) that will decide whether a newcomer or a new party is able to establish itself or not.
    One thing that's most likely to happen is a split in the votes that were going to other parties so far.

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    Even I thought that Kamala Hassan has been confusing himself by meeting various political leaders including Rajnikanth before starting his own party. But after unfurling the flag and naming it, his intentions were clear to us. The name of the party itself suggests that it is away from main stream politics and the name says equal rights for all. That means he shall fight for the justice of all. Good as far as his ambition are concerned. Next step which is crucial as to whom should be admitted in the party. Surely there would be big queue from the leaders who are discarded and rejected by present parties. If Kamala eyes them and take into party, then the very aim would be a farce.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I strongly feel that Mr. Kamal should not provide any room to the leaders of the other parties. He should have brand new leaders who are not attached to any party earlier. Newly formed party without any attachment to any big or small party, newly designed meaningful flag, fresh leaders and well justified goals should help Kamal to shine in politics.,
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