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    How much time do you spend with your family daily?

    This is a topic that often comes up for discussion but is yet an area which needs to be given a serious thought. We all know the importance of spending some exclusive and valuable time with the family. But do we do so religiously? Let us ponder over this point and check how successful we are in managing this issue.

    We must spend some time with our family daily. Children need our time. We always try to make our children, spouse, mother or father happy by providing gifts on different occasions. But do they really need these gifts or they need our time? I have seen and experienced that in our free time we use our mobile phone to chat with friends or to access our email. But we do not have time to talk to our family. I have decided to spend 8:30 pm to 10:30 pm (two hours) with my family daily. My wife insists me to do so. She told me two days ago that children need your time. So I made a promise to my wife to spend two hours daily with children. Do you spend time with your family? How much time do you spend with them? Please share your opinion in this thread.
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    I work entire week and do not have much time to spent with my kid. So, I make sure that I should have a day for her. The work and job will keep going on but your family and kid are also important. I feel as a father I should have enough time to share her thoughts and her interest apart from the education.

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    Generally, all working days myself and my two sons will have very little time to meet. Food times are different, office times are different. Hence sometimes we will not meet each other 2 or 3 days even though we stay together. So we made it a point that every Sunday we all should be together. On that day we eat breakfast together. Then lunch and dinner also together. We all six (Myself, my wife, my two sons and my two daughters in law) will sit and eat together and we spend a good time there on the table. If we are interested we all will go to a movie on that day. Recently one more member (My grand Daughter) joined our family. On Sunday we all will be spending our most of the time with her only. All Saturdays also holiday only. But on that, the outside personal works or family requirements will be completed. Sometimes if all six are present in the house in the nights for 1 or 2 hours we all spend time in playing cards.
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    Great thought from the author. If you look logically most of the time a family spends in a regular day is at sleep and away from each other (working in office, schools,tutions, classes etc). The mornings and late evenings are the time we are all at home but busy with one's own things to do.

    Some people make a mistake of sitting at home means spending time with family, it's not a mere physical presence at home. It is the way we engage with them.

    Try doing a simple dish, a burger or even noodles with them, just ask what they did in school, who was making mischief, how the teacher scolds someone who is disturbing the class. watch a cartoon when time permits. You'll be amazed how time flies by and how happy kids become.

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    I spend 6-8 hours quality time daily with my family. Some people are very busy, or due to their nature of the job, has to be away from family. People should take out some time from their busy schedule for the family.
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    To Be honest, My daughter gets up 30 minutes before school time, Than after school it is her studies , classes, TV time , Food preparation and eating and all, Hardly 30 minutes of quality time. With my husband in this fast life is even less. I have tea and snacks with him in morning with watching TV for 15 mins, That is it. The rest time we are doing our own work , which is definitely not family time.

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    Spending some time with family, every day, is a must, unless one is on tour or other engagement. Personally I am spending most of the time with my family except for three hours in the morning and two hours in the afternoon. When I say family I mean mainly my wife. My elder son, his wife and child are also staying with me. In the evenings they also will be with us. In the morning, son goes out as part of his business and his daughter goes to school. Hence only in evening we all join together.
    Joint family system has almost vanished. Hence all members do not get a chance to meet every day. In my case my younger son and his family are staying at Bangalore. They join us only occasionally. Sometimes we go to them.
    As mentioned the get together of all members of a family is always to be welcomed. It is at this time the main discussions about the family issues are taking place and solutions arrived at. More than that the relationship become more stable. The new generation get a chance to learn several things from the discussion. The bondage become thick even among the children, because they copy it from the elders.

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    I spend time with my family at home. As an introvert by nature, I don't go to any other place after office. I remain at home. On holidays, I remain with my family. But whether the time spent is quality time or not, only future will tell.
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    What to do?
    I have ample time to be with my family members. Alas! My family members do not have time to be with me. It is the fate written on my pate.
    What to do?

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    Presently, myself and my wife live in India and my son as well as daughter live in USA together with their spouses and children. Thus it is not possible for us to physically live together and spend as much time together as possible.

    However, we generally meet every year. Either they come to India or we visit USA.

    Despite above we video chat daily on Facetime with them, in the morning with son and in the evening with daughter. Earlier when video chat was not abailable, then we used to talk on phone instead.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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